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The SELF Diet Club is an older version of the Jumpstart Diet by Self Magazine. Dieters gained free access to tools provided by Self Magazine. The tools included fitness programs and recipes. Many of the same tools were moved to the new Jumpstart program. According to information on the SELF Diet Club website, the club closed down on January 31, 2010. There is a link to the new Jumpstart program on the SELF Diet Club website. The tools included with diet plans on the Self Magazine website are nothing new. Food trackers, fitness trackers and calorie counters are the three main tools.

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Outdated Self Magazine diet club.

Product Features

The big push for the SELF Diet Club was automated calorie counting. This basically means the dieter has to search for the foods they ate during the day and select them from a list. The SELF Diet Club tool would calculate total caloric intake and break down meals and the entire day into smaller bits of information like total fat grams, total protein grams and total carbohydrate grams. Tools like these are very common on the Internet.

When the SELF Diet Club closed down, the magazine opened the Jumpstart program. Jumpstart supplies more than 70 healthy recipes and fitness programs that burn up to 300 calories in just 15 minutes. Intense exercise is not ideal for all dieters. It is important to review an exercise program with an attending physician before starting the workout to ensure the dieter is healthy enough to complete the workout.

Self Magazine diet programs allow dieters to eat all the foods they love, though portions need to be measured and foods like sugar, alcohol and sweets need to be consumed in strict moderation. All SELF Diet Club plans are free for users and many offer free gifts to participants meeting goals along the way. As is the case with most fitness magazine websites, there is a heavy push to subscribe to the magazine, but all the information the dieter needs to lose weight is available free.

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  • Free program for weight loss from Self Magazine.
  • Allows the dieter to eat foods they want and drink alcohol.
  • Fits well into everyday life.


  • The SELF Diet Club was closed on January 31, 2010.
  • The fitness program was not ideal for all dieters.
  • No information on what happened to dieters following the program.


The SELF Diet Club has been officially closed, but Self Magazine offers several other options for dieters who want free access to fitness and dieting information. Many of the programs are published in the Self Magazine, but Jumpstart and SELF Reach Your Goal are available from the official website.

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