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The Self Hypnosis Diet relies on the power of the mind to guide your food choices in an effort to help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Developed by Dr. Steven Gurgevich who says the most important element to a successful diet “is not in the body—but in your mind.” Dr. Gurgevich is an instrumental member of Dr. Andrew Weil’s physician training program and has brought hypnosis out of the shadow and into the mainstream of modern medicine. Traditional medical doctors are now accepting mind medicine as a real phenomenon. The Self-Hypnosis Diet utilizes medical hypnosis to achieve long term weight loss success by shifting the appetite to healthier foods which helps to lose and maintain weight. The diet includes 3 CDs worth of instructions for using hypnosis for appetite reduction, increasing your metabolism and removing emotional barriers that may have hindered your weight loss in the past. There is also an emergency session to help you instantly deal with those random food cravings.

Steven Gurgevich, Ph.D. wrote the book, the Self Hypnosis Diet and is a health psychologist who specializes in behavioral and mind body medicine. He currently teaches mind body medicine to physicians at the University of Arizona’s College of Medicine.

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The Self Hypnosis Diet trains the mind to overcome emotional walls and past traumas that may cause us to eat more or more often. This is not really a diet that demands we eat certain foods and give up other foods. Instead it teaches the reader to react differently to different situations. The routines will help us to follow our own direction to achieve the goals of weight loss. The tools to gain this control are included in the Self Hypnosis Diet book. The book centers around the core statement that everything the body does affects the midn and the mind in turn affects the body.

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  • A companion CD comes with the book.
  • No quotas or food restrictions.
  • Read the book at your own pace.
  • There is a behavioral component to the Self Hypnosis Diet that may help a lot of people conquer long standing social issues to weight.


  • No support available.


The Self Hypnosis Diet can be helpful to people who have been emotional eaters. Most people do develop a weight problem due to emotional eating, either when we are upset, happy, celebrating we eat. Even eating out of boredom, nervousness or loneliness is considered emotional eating. The process of self hypnosis can teach the user about reprogramming out ideas about the emotions and learn more appropriate and positive outlets to deal with those emotions.

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