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Self Magazine published articles, tips, tricks and advice on how to be healthier, thinner, stronger and more in control of life. The SELF Reach Your Goal program is dedicated helping the dieter lose 8 pounds but attending the gym or doing exercise at home. The fitness plan is considered “no stress”, which could be very appealing for dieters who constantly fret over how they will accomplish fitness goals amid life struggles and everyday activities. The program is free. All users have to do is sign-up on the SELF website for the SELF Reach Your Goal Program and gain access to a workout plan, free online videos, meal plan and logs for food and exercise.

List of Ingredients

Workout plan, meal plan and dieting tools online.

Product Features

Dieters who want to lose 8 pounds don’t have to look any longer for the perfect plan. SELF Reach Your Goal will tell the dieter exactly what they should eat and how much to move to slim that body down in just 30 days. The program is free, so the dieter does not have to pay a dime for the menu and fitness plan. This puts the SELF Reach Your Goal program on the top of the list alongside SparkPeople and other free programs. Free is the best amount of money to spend on good dieting information.

The website pushes a subscription to Self Magazine. The magazine will likely offer additional recipes and diet information not included on the official website, but it is not needed to complete the diet plan. The main page of SELF Reach Your Goal does not offer much information on the plan at all. Dieters are expected to sign-up to learn more. We assume menus and fitness plans are sent via email.

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  • The SELF Reach Your Goal program is free to website users.
  • The program promotes slow, even weight loss.
  • Fitness and diet are addressed.
  • Dieters can change menus to fit their personal taste.


  • Not much information is available unless the dieter signs up for the program.
  • The fitness program may not be appropriate for all dieters.
  • The website pushes subscriptions for Self Magazine.


Self Magazine is a trusted weight loss, health and fitness magazine, generally aimed at women. The SELF Reach Your Goal program does not promise outrageous weight loss. Fitness and menu plans are addressed and the dieter can access all parts of the diet without paying a membership fee. The only thing missing from the program is information. Dieters must sign up to read more about fitness and menu programs. This could be a hassle if the dieter does not find what they are looking for after signing up.

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