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Selma R. Schimmel is the founder of the company Vital Options, which she established more than 25 years ago after being diagnosed with cancer at a young age. Schimmer also hosts a radio show, and is well known as an ambassador against cancer, having served in a range of leadership positions and having involvement in both policy and in consumer advocate groups. Vital Options is dedicated to encouraging discussion about and engagement with cancer, and runs a range of programs that are designed to help people with cancer and their families interact with experts and influential individuals who play a role in the fight against cancer.

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The Vital Options program does not make use of nutritional products or supplements.

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Selma R. Schimmel and the Vital Options company have established a range of initiatives over the years that are designed to help promote the well-being of those who are afflicted with cancer, as well as their friends and loved ones who engage with cancer on a daily basis. The company has a range of programs and initiatives that are designed to help encourage a dialogue between various stakeholders and individuals in order to help address the very real issues and concerns facing cancer sufferers and those who are affected by cancer. The company’s website lists a variety of different resources and organizations that interested individuals may wish to contact.

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  • Vital Options and Selma Schimmel help to encourage the growth of self-worth and self-acceptance
  • The organization has undertaken and supported significant research
  • The organization is international


  • Vital Options is specifically targeted at those suffering from cancer, or who have been touched by cancer
  • Some methods of access may be difficult to access


Selma R Schimmel is the founder of a not-for-profit organization that is designed to help those suffering from cancer as well as their families. The organization has wide-reaching links with a range of other bodies, and has substantial contact with experts and policy makers. The organization aims to help encourage dialogue and discussion about cancer, and to improve the well-being of cancer sufferers by offering them improved options for communication and discussion of their condition. Interested parties may wish to visit the Vital Options website in order to make use of the wide variety of resources and links that have been posted to the site. In addition, they may wish to avail themselves of the research that has been undertaken, or to examine the ways in which the organization’s programs may offer a benefit to their own lives.

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