Sencha Green Tea Shot Review

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What You Should Know

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Sencha Shot Green Tea is brewed green tea sold in a ready-to-drink can. While we normally support taking green tea as a supplement because drinking enough green tea to get the suggested dose is a bit difficult, but according to the makers of Sencha Shot there is five times more green tea catechins in one can than the average cup of green tea. This means the dieter could gain the health benefits of a green tea supplement by drinking Sencha Shot Green Tea.

Green tea is associated with various health benefits, including improved digestion and anti-aging. However, it is the association with weight loss that dieters are truly interested in. According to several clinical studies, green tea may help improve metabolism and weight loss when taken on a daily basis.

List of Ingredients


  • Purified Water
  • Green Tea
  • Vitamin C

Product Features

As you can see from the ingredient list there is nothing more than green tea and vitamin C in Sencha Shot Green Tea. This is fantastic for the dieter who doesn’t have the time or patience to brew and chill concentrated green tea every day, but it also means the dieter is paying more than $1 a can for green tea they could brew at home.

Sencha Shot Green Tea is unsweetened, so the dieter will need to add the sweetener of choice before drinking the product. There is also no mention of how much green tea is in the mix, just how much catechins are in each can. While catechins are the active part of green tea, the dieter may want to know just how much green tea they are consuming to compare the supplement to clinical studies aimed at weight loss benefits.

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  • We were able to find a complete list of ingredients online.
  • The product is for sale from several websites with free shipping and handling.
  • Contains nothing more than green tea.
  • Calorie free
  • Contains a high dose of catechins.


  • Sencha Shot Green Tea comes only in drink form.
  • May not contain enough green tea to promote weight loss.
  • No total amount of green tea was listed in the ingredient list.


Sencha Shot Green Tea looks like a great product on the surface, but as we looked into the supplement we realized that the average dieter can simply brew strong green tea and get the same benefits as they do when drinking this product. There is a touch of caffeine in the supplement, but nothing that will increase energy significantly.

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