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Sensa Quench is a weight loss supplements from the makers of Sensa. Sensa is a powder that dieters sprinkle on food that helps them eat less and thus, lose more weight. There is clinical evidence that Sensa diminishes appetite, which is wonderful for the dieter, but appetite is not the only problem when it comes to losing weight. Sensa Quench is a powdered drink mix designed to increase energy and help the dieter maintain weight loss. The product description claims the formula promotes a healthy metabolism, but it is expressly designed to maintain weight loss not promote weight loss.

Sensa Quench is expensive. One month’s supply retails for about $40. The ingredient list does not support the cost as the dieter can find the ingredients in this formula in just about any fat burner. Sensa Quench can be ordered online.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Maqui Berry.

Energy Enhancing Blend: Green Tea Leaf, Guarana Seed Extract (for caffeine.)

Product Features

Sensa Quench is not as reliable as Sensa, but then again the company is just trying to push more sales and maintain the customer after they have lost weight using the Sensa product. Sensa Quench contains two proven ingredients, caffeine and green tea. The caffeine source is guarana, which is not a huge concern but we are not sure why the company did not just add caffeine anhydrous as it is a powdered form of straight caffeine.

Green tea is proven to boost metabolism and help maintain healthy weight loss, but there is one problem. The amount of green tea in Sensa Quench is not listed on the product label. The dieter needs to take enough green tea to work as it does in clinical testing, but the dieter has no idea how much is in Sensa Quench.

The same goes for caffeine. We know the guarana is standardized for caffeine and caffeine does promote metabolism, energy and weight loss, but how much caffeine is included? There is only 284 mg in the Energy Enhancing Blend. The proven amount of green tea is between 300 and 350 mg, so there is no way this product contains enough green tea, let alone caffeine.

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  • The formula and ingredients are listed on the main Sensa website.
  • Created by a company with a proven weight loss aid.
  • May promote healthy metabolism and help the dieter maintain weight loss.


  • Will not likely promote weight loss.
  • Costs more than most dieters are willing to spend when they could be drinking green tea and gaining the same benefit.


We are not thrilled with Sensa Quench. The formula is weak and the most important ingredients are included in a proprietary blend.

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    Sylvia Landman

    I have lost 4 lbs the first month but need to know if the shaker product…Sensa, has caffeine as does the Sensa Quench. For health reasons I need to monitor my caffeine.


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