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Sensewear WMS is a type of monitoring system that is designed to track a user’s caloric intake and physical activity levels. It is designed to help a user monitor their intake in order to make more informed decisions about the types of food that they choose to eat, and the type of activity that they choose to do. The product is designed to help users pinpoint areas where they may have made poor choices in the past, and to help address these through behavior management.

List Of Ingredients

The Sensewear products do not contain any ingredients.

Product Features

The SenseWear WMS is available both online and in the form of an electronic armband that is worn throughout the day. The armband is designed to help users track their daily activity levels, while the online software is designed to monitor an individual’s caloric intake. Together, the two are designed to give an accurate reading of an individual’s caloric intake and physical activity levels, helping to identify targets and to maximize the potential for weightloss. SenseWear can be used for as long as needed. The cost of the product is not readily obtainable; rather, it seems that SenseWear rents out the product to doctors, who then provide the product to patients who are looking to lose weight.

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  • The product encourages both exercise and healthy eating
  • The product encourages awareness of one’s intake and caloric output
  • The product is presumably monitored by a specialist


  • The product appears to be difficult to obtain
  • The cost of the product may be prohibitive to some


SenseWear WMS is a product designed to help those looking to lose weight track their caloric intake and their caloric output. The product makes use of two separate components in order to help interested individuals make better decisions about their eating and exercise habits. The fact that the program is presumably overseen by a medical expert is highly positive, and can help ensure that individuals maintain healthy and balanced eating patterns, and that any discrepancies or problems can be discussed as they arise. Presumably, when used accurately to monitor intake and output, the equipment could assist with weightloss. However, the cost of the equipment may well prove to be prohibitive to some, and it’s possible that many individuals may achieve similar results by wearing a simple pedometer and tracking their intake using a notebook or a free online program such as SparkPeople. However, these do not come with expert supervision, and for those looking to lose substantial amounts of weight, or who suffer from other medical conditions, medical supervision in tandem with a monitoring product such as SenseWear WMS may be beneficial.

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