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Sensitive Colon or Irritable Bowel Syndrome has been on the increase of late, with many individuals experiencing discomfort as a result of eating certain foods. Ingestion of certain types of food or drink, as well as general lack of health, can make a sensitive colon play up, and as a result many people have turned to supplements as a way to minimize discomfort. New Chapter is a health products company that has produced a product known as Sensitive Colon Support. This product is designed to help reduce discomfort in the colon.

List Of Ingredients

Ingredients include okra, spinach leaf, chlorella regularis, blueberry, cumin seed, and ginger. Other ingredients include sugar, cultures, and nutritional yeast.

Product Features

Sensitive Colon Support is an all-natural product that is designed to relieve the discomfort that can occur with diagnosed conditions such as irritable bowel, or even when the bowel is just struggling with general irritability caused by illness or consumption of particular foods. Each bottle of Sensitive Colon Support contains 90 capsules; a dose is considered to be 2 capsules. Thus, a bottle is roughly a month and a half’s worth of supply. Capsules should be taken twice a day, once during the morning, and once at night, and on an empty stomach. Users should pay heed to the use by date on the label.

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  • The product is easily available online and in stores
  • The product is easy to take
  • Some users have reported improvements in their bowl irritability


  • Some users have reported negative side effects or low efficacy
  • Little information about the product’s scientific basis are available online


Sensitive Colon Support may be beneficial to some individuals who are suffering from an irritable bowel or who find that they are sensitive to eating certain types of foods. However, there is little research available to validate the efficacy of this product, and the lack of scientific detail on the company’s website may give pause to some. In addition, some users may find it a better option to find out which particular foods are causing irritation, and then avoid those rather than turning to supplementation in order to mask an ongoing issue. Continuing to eat foods that cause irritation may result in longer-term damage, so those suffering from an irritable bowel may wish to see a doctor before resorting to supplements. However, it may provide a natural alternative to other products that are designed to regular bowel irritability. Users should note that Sensitive Colon Support is not designed as a weight loss support product or a weight loss aid, and should consider its efficacy accordingly.

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