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Sequel Macasure is a single-ingredient supplement that claims to help the user fight fatigue and increase libido, among other benefits. We did not find any clinical proof that these claims are supported by research, which likely means they are based on myth and folklore. We did find some extremely small-scale studies pertaining to hormone levels, but the study is not large enough to be accepted as viable by the research community. Maca root, the only ingredient listed in Sequel Macasure, is a food product. You can eat the root, but it will not necessarily do anything or weight loss or energy.

List of Ingredients


  • Maca Root Extract

Product Features

The description listed for Sequel Macasure is not necessarily false, but it is misleading. Maca root is a food product that will provide energy, but the energy it provides is not like the energy provided by caffeine. Food of any kind is the main source of energy for the human body – thus maca root provides energy. The product description claims MACA provides energy, not Maca Root Extract. This is extremely important for this supplement and other supplements as well. Dieters must notice the precise wording in the product description in order to get the most out of the product. In the case of Sequel Macasure, the product description tells the dieter all they want to know about Maca Root and nothing about Maca Root Extract.

Maca root extract also contains iodine, which is not a problem for all dieters but could be a very big problem for some. If a dieter suffers from a goiter this supplement could affect that condition. Researchers are not sure of the direct impact of maca root on goiters or if the root may cause increased risk of developing a goiter.

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  • Maca root may help support overall health and well-being.
  • The ingredients in the supplement are listed online.
  • The dieter can order the supplement from multiple websites.


  • The product description offers a lot of claims and no proof.
  • Maca is good for a long list of ailments, according to the supplement manufacturer.
  • Only one ingredient is listed, but there is no bottle label to verify this claim.
  • Sequel Macasure is not going to support weight loss.


Sequel Macasure is a product based on a false description. The description tells dieters what they want to read, but if the dieter looks closely they will notice the description does not pertain to the supplement. The company has simply offered a description of what the maca root can do not the extract from the root. Maca root is a food product and thus the extract will not have the same effects as the food.

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