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What You Should Know

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Sequel Naturals is a company specializing in all natural superfoods. The company’s remit involves using foods as a way to promote health, believing that food should be one’s medicine. The company has developed a range of supplements designed to help promote well being and help to counteract any potential deficiencies in the diet. Supplementation is designed to ensure that an individual is able to function to the best of their ability by making sure that any areas where the diet is deficient are counteracted through the careful addition of supplementary vitamins and minerals.

List Of Ingredients

The ingredients of Sequel Naturals products vary depending on the particular product involved; however, detailed nutritional information for each product can be found on the company website. Any further queries can be directed to their customer service department

Product Features

Sequel Naturals products include a range of protein supplements as well as performance optimizers; these are designed to promote muscle repair and to ensure increased vitality by addressing potential deficiencies in terms of protein. The company also offers a range of products that are designed for those with health concerns, such as gluten intolerance or particular allergies, in addition to a range of anti-aging products that are designed to slow the aging process by providing a variety of nutrients and supplementation in order to help individuals perform at their best. The products can be bought online from the Sequel Naturals website; a 30 day money back guarantee is offered on all products.

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  • The products are easily available online and in stores
  • Clear nutritional profiles are provided
  • A 30 day money back guarantee is provided


  • Detailed evidence-based information about the efficacy of each product is not provided


Sequel Naturals offers a range of different health-related products targeted to those who are health conscious. Its range caters both to professional athletes and to general consumers, and also caters to those with specific dietary needs and concerns, such as celiacs and vegans. Testimonials on the website point to many of the products being popular with users, as well as being efficacious. However, users should note that supplementary products are generally only beneficial to those who are suffering from some sort of deficiency rather than those with a balanced nutritional profile. In addition, potential consumers should note that few of the Sequel Naturals products are specifically aimed at weightloss, and they may wish to consult with a doctor before beginning to supplement their diet or attempting to embark upon a meal replacement diet. They should also note that protein supplements are not designed to be a meal replacement on their own.

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