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What You Should Know

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Sequoia Fitness is a US-based health and fitness company specializing in products designed to monitor and fitness health. The company offers a range of different types of equipment designed to monitor body fat and overall fitness. The company also acts as a distributor for Lenny & Larry’s Muscle Brownies, a type of protein supplement bar designed to help counteract low protein after a workout and to improve muscle repair and development.

List Of Ingredients

The ingredients of the products that are offered by Sequoia Fitness vary depending on the particular product involved. However, a full nutritional profile of each product is available on the company website.

Product Features

Sequoia Fitness specializes in the development of a range of different body fat monitors and measuring tools that are largely aimed at the professional and serious athlete market. A full range of these products is available on their website, but unfortunately can only be purchased through authorized vendors and retailers. Their products include the Warrior Digital Body Fat Percentage calculator, designed to measure both lean muscle and body fat; two calipers designed for the easy monitoring of body fat without having to apply measurements to charts; body fat tape measures designed for use on any part of the body; a digital body fat caliper, and nutrition and diet software.

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  • The products are available in a range of stores.
  • Clear nutritional profiles are provided
  • The products are widely used and well-reviewed


  • The products are not available directly from the developer
  • The products tend to be aimed at the professional or serious athlete market
  • Novice users may find it difficult to evaluate the measurements provided by the products


Sequoia Fitness offers a variety of tools designed to help those interested in their body composition measure their fat and muscle levels and determine their weight loss or muscle building goals accordingly. The company has a range of products to suit different budgets and different needs, with several products being priced relatively inexpensively in order to meet an amateur budget. However, their products still remain targeted to the expert athlete market, and may be difficult for novices to easily use. Still, body fat monitoring tools can be a good way of assessing one’s health and fitness, as well as one’s potential risk of falling ill with certain health conditions. Body fat monitors tend to be a better measure of health and fitness than BMI, which is highly generalized. However, users should be aware that body fat percentages in different areas of the body will vary with body types, and they may wish to consult an expert in order to ensure that their reading is an accurate representation of their health and fitness..

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