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Serostim is a human growth hormone that is only available by prescription. This particular drug has been FDA approved to treat HIV wasting, which is the deterioration of muscles that occurs in AIDs patients. Serostim helps this condition by increasing weight through the building up of lean body mass. It can also increase energy and physical endurance, allowing patients with this disease to enjoy a higher quality of life overall. Serostim is available by prescription only, and appears to be prescribed only for HIV wasting. Once patients receive their prescription, they can choose from a network of more than 300 pharmaceutical providers nationwide who are able to fill this prescription. If there is not a location nearby, patients can also use the mail order service that is provided on the Serostim official website.

Serostim is just one type of human growth hormones that is used for medicinal purposes. Other types of human grown hormones, like Somatropin, have been used in body building supplements. These substances can increase lean muscle mass while burning fat for quicker, more effective results from workouts. People who use these supplements find they can actually increase caloric intake without increasing body fat, since fat is burned and lean muscle mass is formed in its place. However, we could find no evidence that Serostim is every used for this particular purpose.

List of Ingredients

The only ingredient in Serostim that is listed is human growth hormone. For more information on ingredients included in this drug, patients should talk to their doctor.

Product Features

Because Serostim is only available by prescription, we were unable to find a pricing for the product. It should be noted that Serostim is not for everyone, and should not be used by patients who are in the hospital with a serious illness or are having certain types of surgery. The most common side effect of Serostim is joint swelling and pain, which is usually effectively treated by adjusting dosage or taking an over the counter pain medication.

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  • Serostim is FDA approved for treatment of HIV wasting.
  • The medication is only available by prescription.
  • Side effects are generally mild.


  • Serostim has not been approved for treatment of any other condition.
  • This drug is not used for weight loss purposes.
  • The medication is not right for everyone.
  • Some patients find they must use for a prolonged period to maintain results.


Serostim is an FDA-approved medication that is used to treat a very specific medical condition. While other types of human growth hormone have been found to be effective in bodybuilding and fat burning, this particular product does not appear to be used for this purpose. If bodybuilding or fat loss is your goal, you will need to look elsewhere for a supplement containing human growth hormone.

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    david tussey

    is there initial weakness or tiredness from Serostim?


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    david tussey

    does Serostim cause any initial weakness or tiredness in the muscles? I have been n it for 3 weeks and am gaining muscle but am very sore and feel unusually tired. I am working out quite hard. Is this normal?


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    because serostim interacts with certain receptors, would serostim posssibly be beneficial with mayastenia gravis?


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    Are there any medicine interactions pros or cons?