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Sesamin is a fibrous compound known as lignans found in sesame seeds. Sesamin has several different health benefits and is being used in the diet and weight loss industry because of its ability to increase the body’s fat burning capacity while also decreasing the body’s fat storage capacity.

List of Ingredients

Because of the fact that there are several manufacturer’s and providers of Sesamin, an exact ingredient list is hard to find.

Product Features

Sesamin improves the lipid profile, helps to normalize the blood pressure, and vitamin E absorption in addition to weight loss benefits. Studies have been conducted which prove that sesamin does help with weight loss. It also helps to preserve the body’s lean muscle mass during dieting, which is torn down and used as fuel. This happens because sesamin has been shown to increase ketone production. This means that fewer amino acids will be used to create the ketones, which spares protein from the body. Some other health benefits include acting as an antihypertensive-to help regulate blood pressure–acting as an anti-inflammatory to reduce pain, and providing protection for the liver.

There is no official website for sesamin because there are so many different makers and providers of the product. As a result, pricing will vary as well. Some places will sell a bottle for $19.95, and others will sell the same bottle for $29.95. Comparison and bargain shopping is available for many people.

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  • Sesamin offers health benefits other than weight loss.
  • Sesamin can be obtain by eating sesame seeds.



  • The dosing instructions for sesamin are not consistent across all sources.
  • The amount of sesamin needed for these weight loss effects and the number of sesame seeds that need to be consumed in order to reach this amount.
  • The benefits of sesamin could be contradicted with the use of diuretics.
  • Sesamin allergies have been reported, though they are rare.


There are many different benefits to sesamin, so it is good reason to add it into your diet. It will help burn fat, lower the bad cholesterol, raise the good cholesterol, and act an antioxidiant. To lose weight, you should make this part of your balanced diet and exercise each day doing something you love in order to watch the weight shed off. All you need is a good supplement that contains an appetite suppressant and fat burner, and plenty of hydration with water.

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