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SesaThin is a sesame oil based fat burner manufactured by Avant Labs. The product is featured on the official website. Claims include increased fat burn, decreased fat storage and anti-inflammatory effects. SesaThin includes sesamin – a lignan found in sesame oil. There are no known clinical studies supporting fat burning capabilities of sesame oil or any lignans present in the oil. Avant Labs does not attempt to support their claims with research or scientific results. SesaThin is not sold online through the Avant Labs store though there is a link on the website to Buy Now. The product can be found on other websites for $28.95 and up. SesaThin is available in liquid and soft gel forms.

List of Ingredients

SesaThin (constituent of Sesame Seeds) and Vegetable Oil.

Product Features

The fact that SesaThin is promoted on the front page of the Avant Labs website but not sold in their online store could mean the supplement is no longer being manufactured by Avant Labs. If this is the case, other online retailers would be selling old stock that could have short expiration dates. Typically, oil based supplements will have shorter shelf lives than traditional powdered supplements.

SesaThin is a sesame oil based product with added vegetable oil. This means the supplement contains fat calories. According to information found online, each serving of the supplement contains 12 calories. This may not seem like much, but taking in additional calories from a supplement that is not proven to increase fat burn is not the smartest idea.

SesaThin contains an unproven ingredient that offers no proof of efficacy. No human or animal trials could be found to support any fat burning capabilities of sesame oil or any derivative thereof. Avant Labs does not list any studies either, which means there is no reason for the dieter to believe the claims made about the supplement. Paying $28.95 for sesame oil is not a great choice when the same oil can be purchased at any grocery store for a fraction of the price and added to salads and other foods.

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  • None.


  • Each serving contains 12 calories.
  • There is no proof SesaThin increases fat burn.
  • Fat stores will probably not be inhibited by sesame oil.
  • Grocery stores sell sesame oil for a fraction of the SesaThin price.


SesaThin is another fat burning supplement that does not burn fat. Avant Labs promotes the supplement on their website, but does not sell it through their online store. This is a huge indication that the product was discontinued, probably for lack of testimonial or scientific support. Fats will not increase fat burn unless consumed in conjunction with an extremely low carbohydrate diet. SesaThin is not the best weight loss supplement.

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