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Setwear offers a long list of gloves and belts. According to the company, protecting your hands and back is crucial no matter the activity. Setwear offers fingerless gloves for men and women and back support belts for use during weight training. Back support belts will not protect the lifter from back injury, but can remind the wearer to lift with proper form.

List of Ingredients

Fingerless gloves and back support belts.

Product Features

Setwear manufactures high end leather fingerless gloves. Fingerless gloves are commonly used during weight training to ensure a tight grip on weights and bars. Setwear offers styles for men and women. Men can choose from total finger control or gloves with just the finger tips showing. Having finger control is important when moving weight pins on any fitness machine. Women only have one style to choose from, but multiple color choices.

Back support belts also come in two varieties. The standard Setwear belt is called the Smart Back Belt. The belt uses wedge technology to help remind lifters, either in the gym or on the job, to bend and lift properly to reduce the chance of injury. The second back belt is the Heavy Duty Back Belt. This variety is padded for added comfort.

Setwear does not specialize in weight training equipment. The fingerless glove and back belt are just two of the products sold through the company that can be used in a gym setting. These same products can be found offline at any sporting goods store for the same general price.

Fingerless gloves by Setwear sell for $23.95 and $24.95. Back belts start at $39.95 for the Smart Back Belt and $40.95 for the Heavy Duty Back Belt.

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  • Prices are listed online.
  • Setwear offers direct ordering.
  • Fingerless gloves can increase weight lifting safety.
  • Back belts remind lifters of proper lifting style.


  • Products like these can be found in numerous offline stores.
  • Setwear does not specialize in weight training products.
  • The dieter would have to lift weights to make use of Setwear products.


Weight training is quickly becoming the next big thing in weight loss. Cardiovascular workouts are the most common used by the dieting community. But, the heart is not the only muscle that can increase weight loss. Weight training has been suggested for dieters and all people young and old to improve bone density and increase resting calorie burn. With the use of Setwear gloves and belts, there could be added safety in the gym. Otherwise, if the dieter is sticking with cardiovascular fitness, there is no use for buying Setwear products. Some dieters may also find they want to lose weight before heading to the gym for weight training or starting weight training at home. This is where a diet supplement could come in very handy.

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