Sexy Forever How To Fight Fat After 40 Review

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If you want to be sexy forever, Suzanne Somers has the diet plan for you. The Sexy Forever: How to Fight Fat After 40 is a self-help book for women over the age of forty. During this time, estrogen levels and hormones are out of whack and women often have trouble losing weight. The body does not recover as easily from exercise and metabolism slows. Suzanne Somers is a fitness and beauty guru with no formal training, but that does not mean the information in the book is any less important than a book published by a doctor. We found information on the diet and book on where it sells for $15.

List of Ingredients

Diet and weight loss program for women over 40 by Suzanne Somers.

Product Features

Suzanne Somers has quite the reader following. She has published books for more than 20 years with the major focus being on women and weight loss/fitness issues. This book addresses the difficulty some women have losing weight after 40. There are diet plans, weight loss tips, exercise plans and recipes to make weight loss simple.

There is very little information on the diet, but if the Sexy Forever: How to Fight Fat After 40 book is anything like other books by the author, the focus is on eating healthy, burning calories and controlling hormones. Hormone control may include supplementation, but this is not addressed in the book description.

There are only a few reviews available for the book, but most are positive. The information and exercise program is clearly designed for the dieter who is older and less agile. The moves tend to be a bit slower and there is no intense cardio to promote metabolism. This program is not for the young fitness buff. It is for the average woman desiring to achieve a sexy body after 40.

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  • The information in the book is clearly written and easy to follow.
  • Addresses diet and exercise.
  • Includes recipes and exercise plan.
  • The book price is comparable with other self-help diet books.


  • No before and after photos from dieters having lost weight on the plan.
  • Not much information is revealed about the diet and exercise plan.
  • Some dieters may find the exercise program too lax.
  • The book is dedicated to a small sector of the dieting population.


If you are a woman over the age of 40 whom wants to get her sexy body back, Suzanne Somers claims to have the answer. The book is a simple read and there are some great nutritional and exercise advices, but not all women over 40 needs to be handled with kid gloves. The sections on hormones may not apply to all dieters.

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