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Sexy in 6 is a six-minute workout to sculpt the body. The front of the book is typical. It shows an extremely thin and tone author who claims to have the answer to a dieters workout troubles. If only the dieter could find just six minutes in the day, they could look like the author, right? It takes longer than six minutes to warm up muscles, let alone achieve increased metabolism, tone muscles and weight loss. The dieter may be lured in by outrageous promises and a lean author, but the truth is there are no exercise programs lasting only six-minutes a day that will work better than a classic 30 to 45-minute workout.

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Book on blasting fat in just six minutes a day.

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The fine print describing the Sexy in 6 book tells the truth about that ultimate, fast workout. Dieters are not given instruction on how to workout in just six minutes a day. They are given details for six-minute segments that should be added together to create a total body workout. If the dieter uses the program correctly, they could lose up to 25 pounds in just six weeks.

The information is provided in book format, so the dieter will need to read through the exercise plan and study the pictures before attempting to put together the workout. It could be difficult to look through the book and decipher the author’s moves without DVD instruction. Many of the exercises included in Sexy in 6 are also available from major fitness sites on the Internet for no charge. With a little bit of research, the dieter could create the same fast-paced workout included in the book without paying anything.

There are dieting tips included in Sexy in 6. No information is available on what type of eating plan the author suggests to lose 25 pounds in six weeks. The book sells on for $22, but used copies are available for significantly less.

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  • Fast, six-minute workouts for improved fitness and weight loss.
  • Consumers seem to like the motivational stories and diet plan.


  • Very little information about the exercises or diet is revealed in the book description.
  • Book fitness plans tend to be more difficult to follow than exercise videos.
  • No testimonials are included in the product description.
  • We found no official website.


Losing weight requires exercise, but a book outlining an exercise program is a bit more difficult to follow than other plans. If the dieter were to walk daily and complete a 20 to 30-minute weight training routine twice a week, they could achieve the same results without paying $22 for the Sexy in 6 book.

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