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With the Shadow Boxer you can “Be a Contender Not a Pretender.” Shadow Boxer is a UK-based fitness apparatus that can be used to increase muscle strength and boost weight loss. The unit is worn around the waist with arm bands attached to the sides. According to pictures and description on the official website, users can “shadow box” their way to a fit body.

In the UK, Shadow Boxer sells for £49.99. The United States price is $99.99. There are optional pieces of equipment available on the official website that can be used to incorporate a lower body workout.

List of Ingredients

Fitness equipment.

Product Features

Let’s look at the claims made by the Shadow Boxer manufacturer – increase punching power, increase stamina and increase hand speed. These claims are perfect for a professional or amateur boxer who is interested in training equipment to stay in shape between fights, but what about the dieter. Most dieters have no interest in quickening hand speed or increasing punching power.

There are also claims that state the core muscles of the body will be strengthen when the Shadow Boxer is used. This may be supportive for the dieter as core body muscles hold the body upright. Core muscles are compromised of upper body, abdominals, back and pelvic muscles. In terms of weight loss, however, the lower body muscles are often the most important as they burn more calories than core body muscles. More calorie burn will lead to more weight loss.

We were happy to find a testimonial section of the official website, but once we looked inside we realized we were right about the type of person who would be interested in the Shadow Boxer. Testimonials were given from Tai Chi instructors, MMA fighters and personal trainers. We did not find one person who claimed weight loss as a positive benefit.

The official Blog on the Shadow Boxer website includes more testimonials and instructional videos on how you can use the system for a complete body workout.

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  • Small and portable.
  • Inexpensive compared to a gym membership.
  • Fitness professionals offer good reviews.


  • Not ideal for weight loss.
  • No testimonials support claims that weight loss is a benefit.


Dieters can do a quick search online for home fitness equipment and return millions of results. There is no shortage of equipment and the Shadow Boxer is just another in that long string of results. There is no benefit for the dieter wanting to lose weight that we could pull from the testimonials on the website. We did, however, realize that spending about $100 on a belt with arm bands is a bit off. With that much money, a dieter could buy a proven weight loss supplement and walk every day. Weight will come off.

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    how to assemble the velco belt on the shadow boxer correctly, the instructions on card is no help.