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If you pay close attention to the weight loss market, you will notice all sorts of new and innovative products/supplements becoming available each year. An important factor to consider is what each of these products aims to accomplish or assist you with. One product you may have spotted on television is the Shake Weight. This is essentially an exercise tool designed for women, who want to improve the definition in their arms, shoulders and chest muscles.

The Shake Weight claims to use something called Dynamic Inertia. This means that the continuous momentum of the device itself causes the user’s muscles to react. As this repeatedly occurs, the muscles get worked, and become tired. Over time, this can potentially tone and strengthen the user’s upper body. The Shake Weight is distributed by Ignite Media Solutions (this company also created the device). According to official website, this workout tool is backed by scientifically proven results (unfortunately study results are not posted).


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Product Features

The Shake Weight is a workout device that is marketed on television, as well as an official website. It is claimed to be a revolutionary method of toning your shoulders, arms and chest muscles. The primary website clearly pitches this product specifically toward women. It sells for $19.95, in addition to $9.95 for shipping and handling fees. The user basically holds the Shake Weight in front of her chest/torso area with both hands, gripping firmly. This 2.5-pound weight shifts back and forth to work biceps, triceps, shoulder and chest muscles all at once. Workouts with the Shake Weight consist of six minutes or more each day (six minutes is supposed to encourage real results). When you purchase this workout device, you get an instructional DVD with it (stated to be worth $15). A video clip with testimonials is presented on the main website for viewing.

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  • The Shake Weight comes with a free DVD.
  • There are no prescriptions needed, since this is an exercise tool.
  • There is a 100% guarantee with this product, which includes shipping and handling paid for.


  • This exercise device is not claimed to boost thermo genesis.
  • The official website does not offer much information.
  • There is no data provided on the company that developed this product.
  • Clearly this workout tool will not assist dieters with suppressing hunger.
  • We could find no studies on the official Shake Weight website detailing the device’s “new workout technology.”


The Shake Weight is certainly and interesting and unique approach to getting fit. While this workout device may aid users with strengthening and toning their upper bodies, it is unlikely to help with real fat loss. Not only does the Shake Weight fail to curb hunger and boost thermo genesis, but it merely endeavors to tone the user’s arms, shoulders and chest muscles. For dieters who are striving to shed pounds of excess fat, you may have better results with a dietary supplement that heightens your metabolism, burns fat, and increases thermo genesis.

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11 User Reviews about Shake Weight

  • 1
    cathy hartmann

    I ordered the shake weight and neck slimmer several weeks ago and it arrived while we were on vacation. I have just begun to use the shake weight and it hurts my writs and hands as I have rheumatoid arthritis. May I please return them and if so, do I pay for the shipping?



    Excellent product. Put two inches on my arms in two months would recommend to anyone


  • 2

    I have it with the video and watched the trainer’s expression as he demostrated it. I only did first exercise as I am out of shape but it WILL put a hurting on your muscles. I felt like I had muscle spasisms for awhile after completion of workout. After your done the trainer says “See you Tomorrow”


  • 3
    Jodi M

    I just bought a Shake Weight and I’m disappointed and annoyed that all instructions are on DVD. I don’t have a DVD player, and have only occasional access to a computer. What I need is hard copy–which is also more convenient when someone’s actually trying to learn to use a SW. I have a family–when we have working ones, someone is always on the computer and/or TV; AND I have no desire to be on display when I try–or do–any kind of exercise. I think I’ve got lots of company in this preference. PLEASE could we have hard copy instructions that can be perused when and where we choose without plugging in and entertaining the masses?!?


  • 4

    I wanted to watch/listen to the Shake Weight video, but the repetitive 3 beat music is so loud I could hear almost nothing of the presentation. I tried several sites, and always the same volume problem. Sorry, not too impressed so far, but I’m still interested in hearing what the video has to say.


  • 5
    John Globke

    Please advise at what Phone # I call to order Womens Shake weight,,
    Thank You,,,





  • 6

    looking for a 800 #


  • 7
    mayanne Noel

    where can i purchase shake-weight in new-york city. Does modells have them. how long does it take to see results.



    academy sell the shake wieght for 19.95


  • 8
    Dolores Bertsch

    I have watched your TV commericals and you claim to tightened your upper arms but all of the women are young and already toned. If it truly works use women that are older and have flab.
    Thank you