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ShakeAway is a weight loss supplement that comes in powder form. Users sprinkle it on their food at meal times and the effect are claimed to prevent the user from overeating while still allowing them to eat their normal diet. How well does this supplement work for the people who use it?

List of Ingredients

Glucomannon, Fibersol 2, Gymnema sylvestre leaf extract, Alpha lipoic acid, Vanadyl sulfate, Rhodiola rosea root extract.

Product Features

ShakeAway packets are small and similar to drink mix pouches. The recommended dosage of this supplement is a single pack a day. It is in powder form and the directions say to sprinkle it on food. The directions also call for the user to drink at least 8 ounces of water before eating. ShakeAway claims to help your food move more quickly through the digestive tract so that anything harmful is not absorbed into the body. It also has plenty of fiber, which is good for digestion. Also, taking ShakeAway with your food supposedly means that you will not have to change your diet unless you want to eat healthier overall.

While there are natural ingredients in this product, and a good amount of fiber, there are some downsides. ShakeAway has no actual side effects, but if you do not drink enough water with it, you could possibly choke on the powder or it could trigger gagging. Also, the product relies mostly on filling you up with water and fiber. The ingredients were proven to work, but there is no evidence of the studies offered by ShakeAway that their particular formula is uniquely helpful.

ShakeAway does not have a website. Any link to the ShakeAway site is redirected to the Beach Body website, and the page that is first seen is an order page for P9OX, a training program that has no dietary supplements at all. Even a search on the rest of the Beach Body website turned up nothing related to Shake Away. In addition to not having an official website beyond a promotional page (that links to P9OX), ShakeAway is also quite expensive. A box of 7 packs (a week’s supply) costs about $15, depending on the seller.

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  • Comes in a convenient pouch for each serving.
  • Contains fiber, which is beneficial to the digestive system.


  • At 7 packs for $15, ShakeAway is quite expensive for regular use.
  • Users can choke or gag on the supplement if they do not have enough water.
  • There is no website that provides information exclusively for this product.
  • Is an appetite suppressant, so it does not burn fat, just makes you feel fuller.


If you are looking for a helpful way to lose weight fast, it may be wise to turn to another product other than ShakeAway. A high price and the inability to burn fat make this product average at best for weight loss supplements.

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