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Shakeology Review - Does This Diet Shake Really Work? Are steep price and customer complaints deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

shakeology-product-imageIn my never-ending search to discover the best diet product, this week I reviewed Shakeology. We’ve noticed a lot of discussion about this meal-replacement shake, so we did one of our in-depth reviews, examining the ingredients, side effects, level of customer care and scientific studies. We also took the time to sort through hundreds of dieter comments posted online. At this point we compacted all of this information to give you the info you need.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine Shakeology with a proven fat burner such as Leptigen for better results.

What You Need To Know

To start, Shakeology is a line of “nutritional” shakes that are claimed to improve your health, boost energy levels, reduce food cravings, enhance digestion and assist with regularity. To give you a better idea of what’s used in Shakeology shakes, these supplements contain whey protein, probiotic enzyme blend, superfruit/antioxidant blend, proprietary adaptogen blend, quinoa, chia, sacha inchi, schisandra, pea, papain, camucamu, goji berry and amaranth. These formulas available in flavors like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, greenberry and chocolate vegan. You simply consume them daily to help with weight-loss and control hunger.

Shakeology has been around since 2011 and was created by BeachBody, LLC. These shakes are low in calories and contain all sorts of plant ingredients. Also, you can buy them directly from the website, but read on…

Steep Price Tag – “Ouch?”

The first issue we found with Shakeology ingredients was price. “The actual cost of Shakeology is quite high at $129.95, which is only 30 servings,” says our Research Editor. “If you consume two shakes per day, this is only a 15-day supply.”

One customer complained, “You can go to GNC or Vitamine Shoppe and get a great protein shake for 20-40 dollars. The cheaper shakes taste great and have way more protein, less sugar and more necessary ingredients like glutamine and BCAA’s. Please do not buy shakeology. You are paying someone’s salary.”

Another said, “So let’s recap, pay $4.83 per Shakeology serving OR Pay $1.26 per serving for Protein Shake Plus Multivitamin.”

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Customer Complaints – “Lots!”

Take a look online and you will notice a high number of customer complaints about Shakeology. One dieter said, “This tastes awful, strawberry and chocolate, what a waste of money.”

“It had the after taste of a diet soda, yuck. Then I compared labels – really nothing special,” said another user.

According to our research, if there is a particular part of a weight-loss supplement or meal replacement that is considerably troublesome (bad taste, high cost, too many issues) the likelihood of real success for the long term is very low. So, if Shakeology really does lead to a lot of customer complaints, this could be a major problem.

The Science – “Backed Up?”

There is no scientific research presented on the official website to back Shakeology supplements. We know that replacing meals with shakes like these can help you lose more, but that’s not to say you have to spend more than $200 a month to do so. At DietSpotlight we need to see documented clinical facts that supports the diet and its ingredients for weight-loss. If there is no actual science, we really can’t stand behind it.

The Bottom Line – Does Shakeology Work?

At the end of this road, our conclusion is final. While we appreciate that Shakeology is low in calories and that it comes in different flavors, we are skeptical about this product. First of all, this shake is very expensive, as many customers have pointed out. Furthermore, the amount of protein used in Shakeology supplements is actually lower than many other protein shakes.

If you really need to lose more pounds and slim down at a faster pace, we suggest trying out a weight-loss shake or diet supplement that contains clinically-proven ingredients, but does not break your bank account or come with a long list of complaints.

Among the best products we’ve seen in 2016 is one called Leptigen. This diet pill offers a proprietary blend of four ingredients, which have been shown in documented scientific studies to help boost metabolism and increase fat loss. Also, we didn’t see any complaints of harmful side effects and dieter feedback around the web shows people are seeing wonderful results.

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How Does Shakeology Compare?

Previous Shakeology Review (Updated July 17, 2014):

What You Should Know

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Shakeology is a line of nutritious meal replacement shakes designed to help people lose weight. It was created by BeachBody, LLC (more on them on their wikipedia). This company not only makes supplements and shakes but also routines like Cize and others. The shakes can also be used to help people gain weight for a variety of reasons, in addition to regular meals. The shakes are all natural and available in many different flavors.

List Of Ingredients

The full list of ingredients is not available from the Shakeology official website. Instead, they say the meal replacement shake contains a proprietary blend of all natural ingredients known to help promote healthy cholesterol levels, improve digestion and more. If this is the case, what are they hiding? They say it contains green tea extract, but maintain that it is caffeine free. More info on its contents can be found on the Shakeology Ingredients page.

Product Features

Shakeology is an ideal healthy meal in shake form that comes in a bag or individual packets. Each bag contains 30 servings, or a 30 day supply for one shake a day. It is perfectly fine to drink two shakes per day for those who are looking for a bit more "umph" from their program, though it will cause the program to be more expensive. Each shake costs around $4, and when you break it down, a $4 meal is hard to find these days, let alone a healthy $4 meal. The product is safe for most people, and is completely vegetarian. You can see how they do this on their official site. Whey protein is the only thing that keeps it from being vegan. This product is safe for children aged six and up, though you should probably speak to a pediatrician first. The shake comes in two flavors: chocolate and greenberry.

See Our Featured


  • These shakes are ideal for both weight loss and weight gain, either as an addition to or in replacement of meals.


  • Some people may not like replacement meals because they may feel deprived.
  • The flavors may not be ideal for a lot of people.
  • There is a lack of ingredient information available.
  • There are rumors that the products are nothing more than a scam.
  • Possible Shakeology Side Effects and other trade-offs may deter dieters.


Though the shake claims to be healthy, we don't really know if it is or not. It's nice to see this company has a sound BBB rating though. Without a full list of ingredients for us to examine, we can't determine what it does, and how it does it. Most meal replacement shakes leave people feeling hungry and needing more, which is why they tend to fail as a weight loss option. It is a better idea to do more research on your own and find a weight loss supplement that contains proven weight loss ingredients such as fat burners and appetite suppressants.

Shakeology FAQ:

We summarized hundreds of user comments about Shakeology into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Shakeology?

Some potential side effects of Shakeology are gas, bloating, constipation and dehydration.

What are the ingredients in Shakeology?

The ingredients in Shakeology are whey protein isolate, pea protein, chia seed, flax seed, quinoa, cacao, pea fiber, yacon, cordyceps, chlorella, spirulina, acerola cherry, chicory root fiber, pomegranate, astragalus, camu-camu, bilberry, blueberry, goji berry, spinach, maitake, reishi, rose hips, methylsulfonylmethane, ashwagandha, amylase, cellulose, lactase, glucoamylase, alpha-galactosidase, invertase, kale, luo han guo, Himalayan salt, lactobacillus sporogenes, schisandra, maca, cinnamon, green tea, ginko biloba, moringa, sacha inchi, fructose, natural flavors, xanthan gum and stevia.

Does Shakeology work?

There’s no scientific research proving the effectiveness of Shakeology. There are studies linking green tea to weight-loss, but not specific to this formulation. Dieters may want to change things up a bit and substitute Shakeology with a supplement like Leptigen, which contains ingredients that are clinically proven to work.

How much does Shakeology cost?

One bag of Shakeology costs $129.95. You only receive a discount on multiple purchases if you are a Beachbody coach. You can sign up for auto-shipment when you place your order.

How should I take Shakeology?

You should take one scoop of Shakeology per day. Each bag contains 30 servings, meaning it lasts for one month.

Can I take Shakeology if I have a health condition?

People taking prescription medication, those with health conditions, anyone under 18 years of age or women who are pregnant or nursing should contact your healthcare provider prior to using a weight-loss supplement of any kind, including Shakeology.

What do users like about Shakeology?

Some users liked the convenience and portability of Shakeology.

What do users NOT like about Shakeology?

We found that some dieters didn’t like the side effects from Shakeology. Additional concerns related to the high price tag and the difficulty canceling the recurring payments.

How do I contact the Shakeology customer service department?

You can contact the Shakeology customer service department by calling 1-800-207-0420, using the customer feedback form or by mailing correspondence to Beachbody, LLC 3301Exposition Blvd. Floor 3 Santa Monica, CA 90404.

Is Shakeology a meal-replacement?

Yes, Shakeology can be used as a meal-replacement.

How much protein is in Shakeology?

Each serving of Shakeology contains 17g of protein.

Is Shakeology vegan-friendly?

Shakeology is available as a vegan-friendly option.

Does Shakeology some with a guarantee?

Shakeology come with a guarantee. You have up to 90 days to return the product for a full refund.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Shakeology?

There are special deals and discounts on Shakeology. The promotions are linked to challenge packs and workout programs. However, the last few months have been crazy with our reader taking advantage of Leptigen’s Special Trial Offer, which is just the cost of shipping and handling. Click here to try it out.

28 User Reviews About Shakeology

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  • 1

    This taste horrible and is too sweet. If you buy from their website, be careful. They get you enrolled automatically for monthly shipments. You do not know it because the letters are small and many people ignore this. Read carefully and cancel any monthly shipments. You better hope they don’t send you a shipment and then you have to return it because they do not pay for returns. You will have to pay out of pocket. All the money you pay and then they can’t even provide a return label. LOSERS!!!!


  • 2

    I signed up to be a coach knowing nothing about beachbody or shakeO. Crazy I know but I did my workouts have definitely been lagging but I’ve lost 7.5 pounds and 14.25 inches in my first 30 days. I don’t crave sweets nearly as often and I love the energy it gives me. Wouldn’t change my decision for the world. Shakeology.com/angeldobler


  • 3

    I have noticed the mornings I use Shakeology I have more trouble with leg cramps at night. I love the shakes! Any correlation?


    Cameron (Editor)

    Debbie, did these cramps coincide with when you started taking the shakes? Try taking a break to see if they settle down.


  • 4
    Kelly Bandstra

    Beware if you change your mind and decide to return it for your money back. They got my package back on November 24th. They said it would take 3-5 business days to give my refund. Well it is now December 16th and I’m still waiting. They are quick to take your money out but it takes forever to get your money back. Aholes!


  • 5

    I have been taking the Vegan chocolate shake for almost 2 weeks now. It tastes way better than the regular chocolate. No metal taste. The only probable I am having is it makes me hyper. It seems when I go to bed at 9-9:30 work nights I am wide awake at 2am…..I am so tired the next day from lack of sleep however; the shake keeps me anxious/energy…….Has anyone else found this? I like everything else about it just not the sleep/energy. I am very sensitive to caffeine and even 1 cup decaf in the early morning gets me going all day



    i was excited to try this product. I’ve been successful losing weight without shakes, but thought the boost of nutrition in this one would make the journey better. Well, I was wrong- $150 later- and sadly. My stomach bloated, the taste and after taste were the worst, it’s way too thick and I was starving 2 hours later. A good 500 cal meal makes me feel better with better results and an extra 150.00 in my bank account. Really disappointing


  • 6
    Renee parkin

    Where is Shakelogy produced? In the USA ?


    Lori J. Gauthier

    Yes, Renee. That is correct.


  • 7

    I use this product. I have been using it now for almost 2 years now. I have use it along with P90x and going to the gym. I have noticed that my body works at maximum efficancy when i take it. I have had increased energy, weight loss, along with less cravings. Also i have noticed that my blood sugar no longer bottoms out. I believe in this product and stand behind it. Please if anyone has any questions please email me.


  • 8
    janice bafford

    how do you order?


    Cameron (Editor)

    We have listed contact info for this company in our FAQ section, Janice.


  • 9
    kay roney

    Ihave taken shakeology a whole bag of it and it seems like I am blouted all the time. I go to bathroom , but I feel like Iam not full, SO should I get off of this since I went thru a bag already.


    Your Name

    me too


  • 10

    I just ran across this article & Shelby is correct that the ingredients are on the website as well as testimonials, so I would have to disagree with the chart above there should be 4 checks across that chart. I am a Beachbody Coach & sell Shakeology & have several customers using it ~ I LOVE IT! If you would like more info just reply to this & we will get in touch!



    I sell shakeology and am a beachbody coach, it is a toola long with workin gout to help you lose weight and get fit. Join my team and you will learn healthy eating and how to keep the pounds off for life. The support is priceless and a good business opportunity for a motivated individual to help others.


    Shannon Frontz

    I tried a fre trial I got when I ordered a work out video!! And I like it just want to talk to someone! See some pricing g ect….



    Alyssa I am doing insanity but I am interested in shakeology can you send more info about it


  • 11

    I think Shakeology is awesome stuff. I am recovering from a back injury that left me overweight and lazy. I watched a P90X infomercial and decided I was going to give it a try. I got a free five day supply of Shakeology with my order, and I fell in love with it. I ordered more, and began to share it with a few friends. Everyone I know that takes Shakeology says the same things: Cravings gone, higher energy levels, and weight loss.


  • 12

    The ingrediants ARE on Shakeologys website – look under details on the order page – they are easy to find elsewhere too PLUS MAY 2011 Oprah has an artical about the inventor of the shake!
    I do not sell it but I do love it – I had a few vanity pounds to lose and I not only lost them I have MORE energy than I have had in years – and I ATE really well before but having a Shake for lunch (I mix it up half strength because I am very tiny anyway) is a wonderful way to get NATURAL nutrition and weight loss without drugs!
    There is 100 percent guarantee on it too return after 30 days if you don’t feel a diff!
    Has an A rating with the BBB too


  • 13

    It was taken from Herbalife (last 30 years) created by award winning science and herbal teams, which includes Lou Ignarro, winner of the Nobel Prize for medicine. Be wary of companies that don’t list ingredients. Green Tea does have caffeine, so impossible to be caffeine free. The Herbalife shakes have the best flavor and there are allergen free options too. We are in 76 countries now, and it takes a lot of investigation to do that. Thirty years of weight loss and cellular nutrition.



    Herbalife is a scam and should be avoided. Their representatives are brain washed to believe in their products. Major scam…



    The following is my experience with Meal Replacement Shakes and although this may or may not work for everyone, it is only my opinion. It will be very interesting if my comments are removed. The last comment I placed in a website that claims they have the best meal replacement shakes reviews, removed my entire comment. Probably they are endorsed by one of their companies that they posted as the Best Meal Replacement Shake otherwise my comment would still be there. I emailed the lady that oversees the website to ask why it was removed, she never returned my email. So beware where you go to get a review.
    Let’s begin with Herbalife. Does it work or is it a scam? There are 2 types of comments you can read on the subject. One from a person who can re-tell their experience on a subject matter and one who has personal agenda against a company. For the record, I am not brainwashed and a huge skeptic and I am too opinionated to allow anyone to feed me their garbage. What I do is conduct research. I research companies and what they are doing to make a difference in someone else’s life. Not just going out there to blah, blah blah. So here it is. Herbalife is feeding impoverished countries with their shakes. They have even sat down with the Dalai Lama to work out programs for the poor and high risk kids along with other Nobel Peace Price Laureates. Ok, so they have a big heart but are their shakes worth it? Here are my results:
    Herbalife- Very thick shakes, different flavors, very sustainable for long term use. Ingredients- some are natural, some are not. They said they took out the bad and kept the good. Herbalife believes that even if an ingredient is natural, it does not mean it is safe or good. It can be can be toxic after long term use, can cause side effects in contact with other ingredients that we digest or that thrive in our digestive tract. They believe that even if they have a good ingredient, it always has to work synergistically in the body and backed up by scientific research or they will not put their stamp on it. One of the labs used in USA to conduct their research is at UCLA. Olympic athletes use their shakes, as well as, as other professional athletes.
    I tried their shakes and never had any side effects. I have made them with ice and water to keep it economical and they are actually thick shakes and fill me up for at least 2-3 hrs. I am slightly hypoglycemic so I have to eat every 2 to 3 hrs. If I make it with almond milk, I am good for 3-4 hrs. I have been to the doctor and my blood work and scans have shocked even them on how well my body is healing and the weight I keep losing. Their snacks are good and curb the appetite. They have a patented fat burner “prolessa” that I have tried and it’s awesome. Your body starts shrinking and does not leave you flabby. Their products are easy on the colon and not harmful like other fat burners. I suffer from “colitis” and have to be careful what I digest. Their fiber, flora and aloe are healing my ulcer and colon. All their products can be a little pricey unless you become a distributor but waking up and not being in stomach pain, not being scared to go out because of my gases and colic, having energy now to exercise that I never had before, was worth everything I invested. I don’t recommend joining until you have tested it for yourself for at least 3 months to see the results and why it works so different from the rest. My eyelashes are growing and not falling off like before, my skin is clearing up and looks rejuvenated. I did more research on their products and found out they heal from the inside out, not just for losing weight.
    Here is why the rest did not work for me and I am not going to say they are a scam and brainwashing people, because that would be a lie and I don’t even know if they are doing that. They just did not work for me. Visalus tasted like slush unless I made it with almond milk. After I spoke to the distributor she advised, they are only suppose to be made with milk or almond milk to become thick like a shake. I did not like that idea; I should have that option. Did not curb my appetite, unless I used their appetite suppressant. No problem, I purchased it but it gave me stomach ache and jitters. IdealShape was a little better with water but still tasted like watery potatoes and slushy not thick unless I made it with milk. Another no option for me and it did not hold me off my hunger unless I purchased the suppressant. Their suppressant “slendesta” made me bloated and gasey. I guess this means I was not hungry. Worse than Visalus. This is not to say, I did not lose weight with them, but seriously, I don’t care to end up without a colon in the process and walking around with a swollen stomach and so miserable I don’t even want to get out of bed. Next Shakelogy. If Herbalife did not exist, I would probably choose Shakeology but only for a weekend. Good ingredients for cleansing the body of toxins. Some things are meant to thrive in your gut and you can’t keep wiping them out over and over again. You will have malabsorption issues if you exasperate your digestion. Also did not curb my appetite for long. You might have to add extra protein while you drink the shake to help in between meals or if you want to take it longer. The ingredients have not been scientifically tested and that frightens me if you use it for too long. We all know how that works. Great today, and you screwed up later in life. I have gastric problems, therefore, I recommend starting with half a scoop until your digestive tract gets used to it. I followed the directions on the bag and ended up in the hospital with a “colitis attack’. A lot of sprouted, wholesome ingredients and packed with energy, great for the active athletes or someone looking for losing weight that has no gastric issues. Not a shake you can give a child either (too strong) and I do not recommend using twice a day for a long time unless you are replacing what it lacks in the remainder of the day. This shake was not created to replace meals forever. Lacks amino acids and not a great source of protein that other meal replacement shakes tend to already have. Green and strawberry not the best. Chocolate is the best but it smells like smelly feet. Get pass the smell if you can, because it is good for you once in a while to clean you out. For me it was not a sustainable meal replacement and I got bored with the same choc taste. Did not matter what I added, it still was very chocolaty. I love chocolate but its overkill.
    I did lose some weight with the above shakes but could not keep up with them after a while. People might complain because you have to join their company. But then again, we join Costco, BJ’s, Sam’s Club, and when did they give us anything back when our family and friends shop there. Therefore, of all the Meal Replacement Shakes, Herbalife to me was the best overall of the shakes that I have tried, tested and will continue to take. No matter how many times, I have cheated on them to try something else, I end up going back to Herbalife. They have to be doing something good. Enough said.


  • 14

    I have used Shakeology for a month and have lost 5 lbs. I should add I am not really using it for weight loss rather I am using it for it’s antioxidant and probiotic benefits.I drink it in the morning and usually have an apple around 10 then a healthy lunch. Good article in Oprah’s magazine (May 2011) on how it was developed.


  • 15

    Hi, I just started using Shakeology and won’t use anything else. I just love it. I usually have it in the afternoon for my snack and it helps eat smaller dinners. I love, love, love the cholocate flavor. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like it. Gives you enough energy without the shakes and it is helps you look and feel great. If you every want more information, just let me know. I can give you my web address because I am a beachbody coach and can help answer any of your questions.


  • 16

    Hello. I have used Shakeology for about 1 month now. I love it. I have tried a lot of other replacement meals Shakeology is very different this does not make me feel deprived at all. I feel so much better it has also keeped down my cravings for sweets. I just dont seem to want them anymore. I am also using the Power90 system from beachbody, with the combination I feel great. On and something else worth mentioning if you order the home direct you also get an awlsome workout program. Oh and I have lost 10lbs in a month.



    I use Shakeology and LOVE it! I have it in the morning and I think it tastes better than other meal replacement drinks out there! Actually tastes like I’m having dessert for breakfast. Also, it competely fills me up and found I wasn’t ever hurngry for my usual 10 a.m snack! I found I wasn’t hurngry for 5 hours after. I don’t particularly like the greenberry one, but the chocolate is great! I add in natural peanut butter and half a babana and it is so good. Highly recommend it!!


  • 17
    Treasha Burgess

    I was just wondering if there was a phone number to call and talk to someone about shakeology


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