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The Shangri-La Diet is a program based upon a book written by Seth Roberts. Unlike many diet publications, the Shangri-La Diet offers an official website as well as a detailed Wikipedia page. The information on the Shangri-La Diet is a bit confusing on the website. There is a plethora of information on how the diet came to be, but little on the specifics of the diet.


Shangri-La Diet plan by Seth Roberts.

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Despite all of the information on the Seth Roberts website, there is little that can be found about the Shangri-La Diet. Some brief excerpts and forum postings give the reader a brief glimpse of the theory behind the diet. According to Seth Roberts, our bodies work with a weight set point. This set point is what controls hunger. If our body weight goes below that set point, we are hungrier and thus eat more food. If our bodies go above that set point, the hunger subsides until the body reaches a weight that is near the set point.

The Shangri-La Diet aims to reset that natural body weight to a lower weight with the use of tasteless foods and fats. The diet allows the healthy consumption of fats and sugars claiming that foods are not the problem; rather hunger is the problem for those who want to lose weight. The flavorless oils are a major precursor to resetting that weight set point to a lower level. Much of the information presented on the website is about the self-experimentation followed to test the Shangri-La Diet. The scientific publications are confusing and offer no insight into the efficacy of the diet plan.

The Shangri-La Diet book can be found on Amazon for as low as $0.01 per book plus shipping and handling. The official website for the diet plan does not offer a return policy or direct means of ordering the book.

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  • The Shangri-La Diet book is inexpensive.
  • There is an official website and Gmail contact information.


  • There is no evidence that the Shangri-La Diet helps user to lose more weight.
  • The website is confusing and filled with huge amounts of information that does not pertain to weight loss.
  • The diet supports eating foods that are bland.


There are times when we review a diet plan that is nothing more than claims on a website or in a book. The Shangri-La Diet seems to be one of those diets. There is a huge amount of information about how Seth Roberts came up with the diet plan, but no information scientific support for the diet let alone the theory of a weight set point.

The book is very inexpensive and buying the book for a good read may be an option, but if dieters want to lose weight, a weight loss supplement with a fat burner and appetite suppressant may be a better option.

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    I’ve done the shangri-la diet and lost weight, especially belly fat. I wasn’t on it long, tho, because I was working ajob that expended loads of calories so I was concerned about not getting enough calories. I just started it again today and expect that it will do what I’m wanting it to do. I give it a thumbs up and 5 stars.