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Seth Roberts is the author of the Shangri-La diet and the Shangri-La diet book. The author combined associative learning with a diet consisting of low glycemic index (GI) foods to boost weight loss. Olive oil, walnut oil or flaxseed oil is used as an appetite suppressant on the Shangri-La diet. According to Roberts, 100 to 400 calories of oil needs to be consumed within a one hour window of eating. The oil can be consumed all at once or divided between meals. The bland taste of the oil is supposed to lower the set point of the body leading to weight loss. The set point is the natural weight the body wants to be. This level can be raised by eating too many fast foods and processed foods, according to Roberts.

List of Ingredients

Low GI foods and oil.

Product Features

Roberts believes the Shangri-La diet is one that dieters should try because it is safe for everyone and cheap to follow. There are no prepackaged meals to buy or supplements required to boost metabolism. However, the appetite suppressing effects of olive oil, flaxseed oil or walnut oil have not been determined in clinical research, which is the big drawback of the diet. Low GI foods are linked with weight loss and olive oil is a healthy source of omega fatty acids, but hunger suppression with one tablespoon of oil may not be strong enough for some dieters.

A medical professor from UCLA spoke against the Shangri-La diet – concerned about the lack of clinical research. Roberts was quick to come back and state there are no harmful suggestions in the diet so there is no need for significant research.

The Shangri-La diet book is available for sale online and an official website for Seth Roberts and the Shangri-La diet. The website also has testimonials from people who have tried the diet and loved it. The book sells for mere pennies used on

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  • The diet is easy to follow.
  • No health risks associated with the diet.
  • Dieters claim to feel less hungry on the plan.
  • The book is inexpensive.


  • The lack of structure could leave some dieters open to eating more and losing less.
  • No clinical research could be found supporting the diet.
  • The diet is open to change and self interpretation.


Olive oil, walnut oil and flaxseed oil are three healthy choices to add to any diet. When used as an appetite suppressant, however, there is no research to back up the claims of reduced hunger. We love to support diets that can help a dieter lose weight. This one may do the trick, but we suggest trusting a prove appetite suppressant added to the diet plan for even more hunger control.

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