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There are so many companies offering home meal delivery, it is hard to keep them all straight. Shape Lovers is one of these companies. For a mere $13.50 per day, the dieter can receive a healthy lunch and dinner prepared by a professional chef. There is no calorie counting, no fat counting and no carbohydrate counting. Dieters simply need to heat and eat the meals provided by Shape Lovers and the weight will come off. As is the case with so many of these meal delivery companies, there is no dedicated exercise program. Shape Lovers does not offer a breakfast plan, so the dieter is forced to eat healthy breakfast meals that are low in calories and high in nutrients to start the day off right. There is no mention of snacks or desserts, but a slice of cake is shown on the front page of the official website.

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Meal delivery program serving South Florida.

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There are three plans available from Shape Lovers – weekly, a-la-carte and catering. The weekly menu includes lunch, snack and dinner. A-la-carte allows dieters to order specific meals or menu items without regular deliveries and the catering service offers large scale meals created with the same low calorie menu. The ultimate package on Shape Lovers sells for $13.50 per day plus weekly delivery charges. Dieters must live in the South Florida metropolitan area to order Shape Lovers meals.

There is a testimonial section of the official Shape Lovers website, but only three comments are listed. None of the testimonials have before and after pictures, so the dieter has no idea if people actually lose weight with the Shape Lovers meal plan. With a monthly cost of more than $300, the price is more expensive than some dieters can afford, but less expensive than some other weight loss meal delivery programs.

Dieters can choose to order meals for one to 10 people per day. There is no discount on large orders, unless the orders are placed through the catering menu.

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  • Weight loss meal delivery services eliminate the need to count calories.
  • Dieters could lose weight with the meals if they exercise and eat a healthy, low calorie breakfast.


  • More expensive than cooking at home.
  • Meals are only delivered in Southern Florida.
  • No testimonials showing weight loss.


The Shape Lovers weight loss meal delivery system may be ideal for some dieters, but the lack of testimonials could mean the service does not live up to the claims. We need to see dieters who have lost weight using the meals in order to suggest the program to dieters in Southern Florida. The limited delivery area is unfortunate.

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    Delivery was not at the scheduled time. The driver was very rude.