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Shapely Secrets by Greer is a fitness and diet program formulated by Greer Childers. The author and fitness expert is 61 years old and claims to be in the best shape of her life. The program consists of just 7 minutes of exercise every day combined with 7 healthy eating and dieting tips. No calorie counting or additional exercise is needed. Weight loss claims include losing one pant size, up to 10 pounds and up to two inches in just two weeks. According to the fine print, the average dieter lost just 6 pounds and one size in the two week time frame.

List of Ingredients

Fitness DVDS and dieting tips.

Product Features

Greer Childers has no professional fitness training, but claims to have found the secret to losing weight, fast. Childers lists a personal dilemma with weight loss as the source of inspiration for her first workout routines. These routines lasted 20 minutes and helped her slim down from a size 16 to a size 4. Over the last 20 years, she has maintained the weight loss and perfected her workout routine. Today, Shapely Secrets requires only 7 minutes a day to help the dieter lose weight and keep it off.

The 7 minutes of exercise requires no equipment or movement. According to Shapely Secrets by Greer, standing completely still can help any dieter lose more weight. The exercise is based on Diametric Resistance. Greer refers to the exercises as Motionless workouts. The reason so few minutes are needed is because more than one muscle is worked at the same time.

Shapely Secrets by Greer also comes with 7 tips for dieting and weight loss. The tips claim to be scientifically proven to increase weight loss naturally. There are no fad diets or restrictive menus required to increase weight loss. The complete kit includes DVD, audio CD, success kit, makeup bag and fat burning supplement Essential Boost. Essential Boost is included as an auto-ship product. The dieter will be charged an additional $19.99 plus shipping and handling every month after spending the $29.98 for the initial program. There is no information on the ingredient make-up of the supplement. A third-party website provided by the parent company for Shapely Secrets by Greer, lists ingredients as including Green Tea, Ginseng and Guarana. Green Tea is a good weight loss ingredient, but Guarana is nothing more than a strong stimulant.

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  • Green tea supplementation is supported.
  • The supplement may increase weight loss.


  • Shapely Secrets by Greer places the supplement on an auto-ship program.
  • No ingredients are listed for Essential Boost.


The 7 minutes of exercise may not be boosting weight loss as much as the Essential Boost supplement. Shapely Secrets by Greer is more than just a 7 minute / 7 tip program. It is a supplement program disguised as a workout and dieting routine. Nowhere on the website, aside from the ordering page, is the supplement referred to. With no ingredients listed, the dieter is assuming the product is safe for all dieters.

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