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The creator of Shapely Secrets is Greer Childers. Greer says that she was a mother of three children, juggling a busy life, and by the age of thirty eight she had reached size 14/18. She therefore decided to do something about her weight problem and created an exercise programme that could be incorporated into her busy life, and which would be easy to stick to each day. Shapely Secrets is a seven-minute a day work out exercise programme that makes use of a technique called “Diametric Resistence.” Diametric Resistance is an exercise philosophy that’s been around for awhile and that enjoys faddish resurgences in popularity. It is based on “motionless exercise” that involves working one muscle against another. Greer Childers says that her Shapely Secrets exercises are backed by science, and five times more effective than weight lifting. She claims that if you follow this programme you will be more toned and trimmed. She also claims that by following this workout you will lose six pounds in fourteen days.

Product Features

There is an official website for Shapely Secrets, which includes positive testimonials regarding this exercise programme. The DVD of the Shapely Secrets exercise programme can be ordered online at a cost of $42.97. There is also a thirty-day money back guarantee. In the Shapely Secrets DVD, Greer Childers takes you step by step through the Shapely Secret seven-minute workout. Greer Childers says that you do not need any weights or equipment. She also says that Shapely Secrets seven-minute workout, does not include any running or jumping, but is an exercise programme where you stand still and sculpt your body. Greer Childers claims that the secret of the Shapely Secret seven-minute exercise programme is the theory of Diametric Resistance. Diametric Resistance exercises consist of working two muscles at the same time. She says that the advantage of diametric resistance is that your whole body is targeted with just a few exercises. The cautions that come along with this exercise programme are that it is not suitable for children, nor is it suitable for pregnant women.

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  • There is an official Shapely Secrets website.
  • There is a thirty-day money back guarantee.
  • There is a free gift with the DVD.


  • This exercise programme is not suitable for pregnant women.
  • The Shapely Secret exercise programme is not suitable for children who may be overweight.
  • There have been no long term standardized controlled trials of the Shapely Secret exercise programme.
  • The Shapely Secrets program is an exercise program only, and will not help control appetite.


In order to lead a healthy lifestyle we should all be partaking in some form of exercise every day. Anyone who wishes to follow a weight loss programme should of course incorporate an exercise regimen into this programme. There are thousands of exercise programmes on the market today, and Shapely Secrets seven minutes programme is unlikely to do you any harm. Of course, it may even do you some good! However, at the moment we do not see any hard evidence that convinces us it is superior to other workout programmes on the market. Many people look for diet supplements after simple exercise programs don’t help with dropping the weight, and Shapely Secrets only provides one half of that equation.

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6 User Reviews about Shapely Secrets

  • 1
    Pamela Eubanks

    To answer yalls questions, so what u have go thru sales questions with anything ya buy now days, but its definetly worth I have it for some time but I’ve used it and it does exactly what it says, and no delivery time wasn’t that long, just like the other lady said the is to just do it!! I promise if u do it faithfully it will work for you…to me its the best thing it exercises every muscle, even an exercise for the muscles in your face..its especially good for people who can’t exercise cause of back problems..


  • 2
    Robbin Hansen

    I have used shapely secrets for a few years, and a friend of mine and I are using it now along with the wieght watchers plan.and it really does work. WQe both are very satisfied with Shapely secrets. The key is to get it out of the box and actually use it.!!! I never had a problem with ordering it. and as long as i called and discontinued thier fat burning boost I never got charged any orther monthly charges.


  • 3
    patricia tuckeer

    i would like to know how long it takes to recieve your video, once you make purchase through an infomercial.


  • 4
    Mike Mathews

    Be careful delaing with this company. They call to verify your credit card number and then all of a sudden you are receiving a recurring payment for a company called SEMS Budget Savers. When I call Shapely Secrets they nothing about the other comapny but they were able to instantly give their phone number. WARNING – SCAM



    Seemed scammy to me. All I wanted was ONE set of Shapely Secrets (Abdona) and they took my cc# and all my info then proceeded to go on and on about adding this, that and the other until I finally hung up! I’ll do situps for FREE rather than go through that scammer gobbledegook again!


  • 5
    Francelia Roberts

    How come there are no exercises with out a fee ?