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The ShaqLyte Diet is all about being a superstar, or at least a fit basketball player. Shaquille O’Neal is widely known as a professional basketball player in the NBA. The 7-foot one-inch star struggles with weight maintenance and healthy eating, just like normal dieters. When Shaq decided to stay fit between basketball seasons, he employed Joy Bauer, a registered dietician, to help him create an eating plan he could live with. The exercise portion of the diet is not mentioned because Shaquille O’Neal works out for a living. While most dieters are not professional athletes, there is no reason not to hit the court for a little basketball three to five days a week for increased calories burn, muscle tone and increased metabolism.

List of Ingredients

Healthy diet for weight loss or weight maintenance by Shaquille O’Neal.

Product Features

The ShaqLyte Diet offers nothing spectacular or new, but that is likely because the means of weight loss through diet is the same for every diet plan that works. Shaw focuses on healthy carbohydrates, lean protein and healthy fats. The portion sizes for Shaquille O’Neal are likely larger than the average dieter, but slimming down portions is the easy part.

Much of the diet plan is based on glycemic index. Glycemic index measures the glucose response the body has to certain foods. The lower the glycemic load, the less likely the dieter is to feel hungry after eating. Regulating glucose response is an effective means of weight loss. Processed foods, unhealthy carbohydrates, starchy fruits and vegetables and sugar are nixed from the diet. The star is even known to leave off the bread and eat a lean turkey burger instead.

A sample menu for the ShaqLyte Diet may include egg white omelet with vegetables and low calorie cheese for breakfast, turkey burger or other lean protein for lunch and fish with a large salad for dinner. Snacks are included between meals to reduce cravings and habitual eating.

There is no cost for the ShaqLyte Diet. The diet was designed for Shaquille O’Neal and he gladly shared the information with everyone. The theory on lower carbohydrate / healthier carbohydrate eating is sound and the inclusion of supplements like fish oil keeps the body healthy.

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  • Sound dieting practices for weight loss.
  • No cost for information on the ShaqLyte Diet.
  • Exercise is encouraged.


  • No dedicated exercise plan.
  • Portion sizes were created for Shaquille O’Neal.


Eating healthy meals and moving more is the root of all weight loss. The ShaqLyte Diet supports healthy fats and supplements, which is a huge plus in our book. The lack of dedicated exercise plan from a professional athlete is a bit disheartening, but dieters can take after Shaq and hit the courts for exercise.

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