Shawn Cotten’s X-Treme FX Review

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Shawn Cotten’s X-Treme FX is a supplement that claims to support fast weight loss for people who want to lose weight now. The product is not currently available online, but the name Shawn Cotten is linked to several other products that contained Ephedra when they were produced by Canyon World Quest. Canyon World Quest no longer manufactures Shawn Cotten’s X-Treme FX. One bottle of the supplement contained 30 capsules and was sold online for about $20.00 per bottle. Any retailers still selling the product will be selling old stock that could be out of date. With no official website for the supplement, consumers and dieters must rely on third party information for ingredient lists and information.

List of Ingredients


Product Features

The only ingredient listed for Shawn Cotten’s X-Treme FX is bearberry. This ingredient is a diuretic that will temporarily increase weight loss but pushing extra water and fluid out of the body. Typically, bodybuilders will use diuretics before a competition to reduce the space between the skin and muscle. This makes the muscle appear more defined through the skin. In terms of weight loss, diuretics are commonly used in colon cleansers and weight loss products for quicker weight loss results.

There are other ingredients in Shawn Cotten’s X-Treme FX. The description states bearberry is one of the “special ingredients”. With such a long history of Ephedra being used in Shawn Cotten products, there is a possibility this supplement included that ingredient as well, but there is no way of knowing without more information available online.

Shawn Cotten has not dropped out of the nutritional scene, however. The Canyon World Quest website is currently selling Nano-Go weight loss supplements from founder Shawn Cotten.

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  • The product sold for about $20.00.


  • A complete ingredient list could not be found.
  • Bearberry is a diuretic.
  • Diuretics provide only short term weight loss.
  • No information could be found on the current status of Shawn Cotten’s X-Treme FX.
  • The product could have contained Ephedra.
  • No proven fat burners.
  • No proven appetite suppressants.


It is important for the dieter to have a complete list of ingredients before taking any weight loss supplement. If Shawn Cotten’s X-Treme FX contained bearberry, the supplement would have a diuretic effect. This could cause a decrease in weight, temporarily. Once the dieter stopped taking the supplement, the weight would return. Current market trends show dieters are looking for proven products with ingredients that are all-natural and fat burning. This supplement does not fall into that category as far as we can tell from the information online. Dieters may have better luck choosing a product that is currently available and trusted among dieters and consumers alike.

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