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Shedding for the Wedding is a reality television show that helps couples shed pounds before walking down the aisle. Contestants compete to win a dream honeymoon and prizes along the way. The show is hosted by Sara Rue, who lost a ton of weight in the last few years on Jenny Craig. The show is sponsored by fitness and media companies, but Jenny Craig does not have a part in the series. Shedding for the Wedding is eerily similar to the Biggest Loser. One of the executive producers, Dave Broome, is affiliated with the Biggest Loser series.

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Reality television show helping couples lose weight before wedding day.

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If someone dangled free prizes and a dream honeymoon in front of your face, could you shed more weight before wedding day? Couples on Shedding for the Wedding, a television reality weight loss show, try to accomplish just that. The ultimate prize is a dream honeymoon, but there are prizes earned along the way the couples keep even if they are forced off the show. At the end of each show, contestants weigh in for a chance to move on to the next phase of dieting and fitness.

As is the case with most reality weight loss shows, contestants work out more than the average person. Personal trainers and fitness competitions are used to increase metabolism and calorie burn. Contestants have access to medical personnel and calories are strictly regulated. Many dieters watch reality weight loss shows in hopes of losing weight along with the contestants, but the normal dieter has to work, tend to home and family and live daily life, so working out for six to eight hours a day is unrealistic.

Contestants are weighed in teams instead of individually, so the bride to be could lose weight one week and the groom lose nothing and the team will still note a loss. Aside from this small difference, the show uses personal trainers and competitions with prizes, just like the Biggest Loser.

The show currently runs on Wednesdays to 9:00 PM eastern time on the CW Network.

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  • Couples lose weight with a reward in site.
  • Personal trainers and calorie controlled meals make weight loss easy.
  • Contestants live in the fitness community.


  • Not a realistic weight loss program for most couples.
  • Requires hours of workouts every day.


While reality weight loss programs like Shedding for the Wedding are fun to watch, in reality most couples do not have the time or money to mimic reality programs. The contestants live in a dedicated house, they do not work and food is provided. If every dieter was offered such a set-up, weight loss would be easy.

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