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It is obvious that there are so many workout programs, fitness gurus and new-age machines on the market these days to assist with weight loss. Unfortunately with so many out there, some individuals get confused and have trouble deciding whom to trust/choose. Well, the United States is not the only country with fitness experts gracing the television screen daily. There is one fitness instructor who resides in Canada by the name of Shelly McDonald. Just like so many others before her, she offers convenient DVDs of her workout sessions for users to take advantage of in the home whenever they please. This means Shelly McDonald workouts are available to anyone, regardless of their location.

The Shelly McDonald workout DVD series that’s available online is called Caribbean Workout. Each DVD appears to sell for around $6. Some of the fitness programs offered on these DVDs are kickboxing, yoga, Pilates, aerobics, and muscle conditioning. It doesn’t appear that actual equipment is necessary with the Shelly McDonald workouts. As you may have already guessed, the DVD workouts are set in the Caribbean, which makes the scenery rather serene. As stated online, these workout regimens should be fine for doing in a home living room (not much space is needed).

Product Features

The Shelly McDonald DVD sets are intended to aid women and men with the weight loss process. Not only are these diverse DVDs supposed to assist with fat reduction, but they are also suited for muscle toning/sculpting. If the official website is not functioning, you can locate the Shelly McDonald DVDs on websites like There are some reviews posted on Amazon that may be of assistance to you. There are no dietary supplements involved with these workout DVDs. Individuals residing in Canada can likely just watch Shelly McDonald on television.

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  • The Shelly McDonald DVDs are convenient since they are suitable for home use, which means the user doesn’t have to venture off to a gym or personal trainer.
  • It is a cinch to acquire these workout DVDs online through websites like


  • Some individuals may have difficulties motivating themselves to do regular workouts by watching DVDs.
  • There are no convenient fat burning pills involved with the Shelly McDonald DVDs.
  • Some dieters may be more interested in altering their eating habits and placing less focus on working out regularly.
  • There are so many workout DVDs on the market today, it can be difficult distinguishing which one is actually ideal for you.


When all is said and done, the Shelly McDonald fitness DVDs are certainly rather common when it comes to weight loss and getting into better shape. Not to say that these DVDs would not be effective. They likely would work well for the right individuals. You simply have to know and understand what it is you’re looking for when it comes to weight loss and dieting. If you’re not interested in doing home workouts regularly, then the Shelly McDonald DVDs may not be suitable for you.

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