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Shiva Rea AM Energy is a workout DVD that boosts energy through yoga movement. There are three workouts on the DVD and each lasts about 20 minutes. Workout one focuses on toning and strengthening muscles. The second workout is upbeat and allows the follow to perform free movements to energize the body. The final workout is all about balance and concentration. The workouts can be followed individually or in sequence for a complete one-hour morning workout.

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Yoga workout DVD with Shiva Rea.

Product Features

There are three main segments to the Shiva Rea AM Energy, plus a meditation, Shavasana and bonus workout from the Radiant Heart program. The first workout is called Body Mandala 108. For 23 minutes, the follower performs yoga positions with 12 repetitions of each pose. The repetitions isolate muscles and provide a warm-up of sorts. For the beginner, this section of the video is ideal as an alternative to classic weight training or aerobics.

The second segment is Shakti Flow, which lasts just more than 20 minutes. The music and movements in this portion of the Shiva Rea AM Energy are faster than the first segment. Free flowing moves with a structured pose once in a while increases energy and mood.

The third segment is Vira Flow. Many followers claim this 23 minute segment is the most difficult of the three. The poses focus on balance and concentration. While this portion is less cardio active, it is faster than the warm-up portion of the workout. The bonus workout, Heart Salutation, is 20 minutes.

Meditation occurs for 5 minutes before the first workout with the DVD concluding with a 6 minute Shavasana. During the Shavasana, Rea chants with the music, which is slightly annoying to some followers.

There is no diet guidelines included with Shiva Rea AM Energy. A healthy breakfast starts the metabolism, so dieters need to save enough time to eat after working out. If working out on an empty stomach is not comfortable, the Shiva Rea AM Energy can be completed any time of the day.

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  • The DVD includes a warm-up, cool-down and strength training.
  • The free dance portion of the workout covers cardio.
  • Priced comparably with other yoga DVDs.


  • No diet associated with any Shiva Rea videos.


Yoga requires control, dedication and a little practice. Shiva Rea AM Energy is not a beginner workout. Dieters new to the world of yoga should research some of the poses in the DVD before starting the workout. Diet is important to weight loss, but a reduced calorie plan is not included with the DVD.

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