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There is something about yoga that calms the soul yet works muscles like no other workout. Shiva Rea is one of the queens of yoga workout DVDs and her Shiva Rea Daily Energy workout offers more than the average DVD. There are seven 20-minute workouts included on the DVD. Each segment is created to work well with other segments, so the follower can mix and match the segments to create a personalized workout. Shiva Rea Daily Energy is one of the most popular in the Shiva Rea workout series.

List of Ingredients

Seven 20-minute yoga workouts.

Product Features

Yoga is often considered an exercise in flexibility and balance, but there are more dimensions to yoga than these two disciplines. Shiva Rea combines seven workouts in a Yoga Matrix. The Yoga Matrix allows the follower to choose specific workouts and workout sequence to create a personal workout. There are many possible combinations, so no two workouts need to be the same. The seven workouts include meditation, core exercises and counterposes. The DVD does not come with detailed instructions on poses, so beginners may need to complete a few outside classes or learn basic moves at home before following this workout.

The only extra purchase followers will need to make when starting the Shiva Rae Daily Energy workout is a yoga mat. It is important to allow enough room to move between poses. If possible, perform yoga on a flat surface to improve balance. If any of the moves on the Shiva Rae Daily Energy DVD are too difficult, resort to a previous, easier pose or sun salutation.

There are no dietary suggestions on the Shiva Rea Daily Energy workout. The workout will increase metabolism and calorie burn, but weight loss will only occur if the dieter chooses to follow a reduced calorie diet. It is important to drink plenty of water before and during the workout and throughout the day to flush toxins out of the body.

Shiva Rea Daily Energy sells for $15.49 on This is inexpensive figuring there are seven complete workouts on the DVD.

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  • Seven workouts on one DVD.
  • Segments can be combined to create a personalized workout.
  • No extra equipment needed, aside from a mat.


  • Not for beginners.
  • Some of the poses are difficult to achieve and hold.


If yoga is a passion, the Shiva Rea Daily Energy DVD contains seven complete workouts or segments, depending on how you look at the series. The Yoga Matrix allows followers to create a new workout every time the DVD starts. Segments can be followed individually or combined for a longer workout.

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