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Most yoga DVDs are created for both men and women, but the Shiva Rea Yogini DVD is specifically for women. This narrows the dieting demographic addressed with the workout, but we are sure men could follow along for the same intense workout women receive from the instruction. Shiva Rea is widely regarded as an expert in yoga. She offers many workouts that include total body workouts and targeted poses. Some yoga DVDs are strictly pose-based while others allow free movement for a portion of the workout. The Shiva Rea Yogini DVD is offered from The DVD sells for $15.99. This price is slightly higher than other Shiva Rea DVDs.

List of Ingredients

Yoga workout for women.

Product Features

Dieters who want a new and exciting workout may find yoga intriguing. Shiva Rea has been instructing yoga for many years. She offers beginner DVDs, but the Shiva Rea Yogini workout is not for beginners. Some consumers having follow yoga for two or more years found the poses and transitions hard to follow, despite the fact that they already knew the pose names and positions.

The segments on the Shiva Rea Yogini workout are Flow of Empowerment, Flow of Love and Flow of Beauty. The terminology may appear more feminine, but the workout does not scream “for women only” according to several male reviews.

We looked for diet tips or menu plans for weight loss associated with the Shiva Rea DVD series, but found none. Working out is a step in the weight loss direction, but diet needs to be modified in order to burn more calories than consumed. In some cases, weight loss supplements may help boost metabolism and weight loss when combined with exercise and healthy diet.

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  • Shiva Rea DVDs are available on and other trusted websites.
  • The price is higher, but still within normal workout DVD range.
  • The DVD is broken into three segments.
  • The Yoga Matrix allows the follower to create a personal workout.


  • No diet tips or weight loss suggestions come with the DVD.
  • Shiva Rea Yogini is not for beginners.
  • Some portions of the workout are hard for intermediate yogis.


Increased flexibility, strength, endurance and metabolism are all benefits of the Shiva Rea Yogini DVD. The quality of the DVD comes into question in some reviews so this DVD may not be up to par with other Shiva Rea workouts. Beginners may need to take a course in yoga before following this workout. The moves are transitioned well, but there is no instruction on how to position the poses, which could make following very difficult for someone who has never completed a yoga class.

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