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The Shock Training System (STS) is a three month strength training DVD program that is performed in the comfort of the home. It offers 41 discs to supply original workouts for each day that combine cardio and weight training exercises. The program combines the principles of periodization by planning training regimes to maximize physical performance, muscle confusion, which is the principal of constantly changing workout exercises and routines to keep the muscles in a constant state of readiness; and progressive overload, or the gradual increase of work or weight added to each workout. By using these principles the muscles continue to grow without reaching a plateau.

Designed by Cathe Friedrich, this system is a workout program based around the principles of muscle confusion. By performing different exercises daily, the muscles do not become accustomed to the exercise and therefore develop to their best. Muscle confusion is used to prevent the body from adapting to certain exercises.

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Product Features

After committing and paying for the program, membership login information is supplied so that access to the online exercises can begin immediately. The DVD package is mailed separately. Daily exercise routines are supplied and training videos teach users how to complete some of the maneuvers. Each of the intense workouts last around an hour and requires regular exercise equipment such as dumbbells, workout bench and step. Other specialized gear is not necessary, but apparatus such as balls, mats and pull up bars can be purchased separately if the user wants to use them.

The comprehensive twelve week training series focuses on building endurance, muscle and strength. All phases use four workouts for three muscle groups: the chest, shoulders and biceps (tops of arms); back and triceps (back of arms); and legs.

There are three workouts per week, which are divided by the muscle groups. For example Monday is chest, shoulders, biceps; Wednesday is back, triceps and on Friday, the workout includes legs. It is recommended to allow a rest day between workouts.

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  • Can do the workout in the comfort of the home.
  • No specialized equipment required.
  • Easy to follow exercises with explained descriptions and good quality DVDs.
  • Online support through the website.
  • Appeals to men and women.


  • Workouts are long – around 60 minutes each.
  • All sales are final.
  • Quite expensive.
  • Targeted at an advanced user.
  • Offers little nutrition support.
  • Can be repetitive.


The STS system offers a complete workout program that can be followed by most individuals, but is targeted mostly to the advanced user. There is little area for personalization and with a hefty price tag of one $300 payment or four $79.99 payments, the price seems high for the workouts. Cardio workouts are recommended, but are not included. They can be purchased at additional cost.

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