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What You Should Know

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Shocker Nutrition is a supplement company selling an extremely long list of supplements for fitness, weight loss and bodybuilding. The name Chuck Liddell appears on the main page of the official website, so dieters can assume the UFC fighter backs products sold by Shocker Nutrition. The website offers contact information and links to retailers selling Shocker Nutrition products. There is also a “science” link, but the link does not lead to clinical trials or research studies supporting any ingredients or products. All ingredients are listed online.

List of Ingredients

ThermoLean: Citrus Aurantium, Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, Dandelion, Buchu Extract and Juniper Berry Extract.

ThermoLean Extreme: Green Tea Extract, Caffeine, Octopamine, Juniper Berry Extract, Dandelion, Buchu Extract, Guggul Lipid Extract, 7-OXO, Coleus Forskholii, Magnesium Gluconate, Vitamin B6 and Synephrine.

ThermoLean PM: ZMA, GABA, L-Dopa, Chamomile Extract, Passion Flower Extract, Guggul Lipid Extract and Melatonin.

ThermoLean PM Extreme: ZMA, GABA, L-Dopa, Chamomile Extract, Passion Flower Extract, Guggul Lipid Extract, Melatonin, 7-KETO DHEA, Hoodia Gordonii and Magnolia Bark.

Product Features

Shocker Nutrition offers products that will certainly shock the system. Day time formulas all contain Synephrine. Synephrine is a stimulant that is currently being investigated for potential negative side effects. In addition to synephrine, all day time supplements contain green tea and caffeine. Both ingredients are proven fat burners. It may not be the specific ingredients that Shocker Nutrition adds but the amounts in which they are added.

Shocker Nutrition offers ThermoLean and ThermoLean Extreme. The Extreme version of the supplement packs 300 mg of caffeine, 30 mg of synephrine and 500 mg of caffeine into one dose. Several diuretics are also added to the formula. That much stimulation could cause serious heart related side effects for most dieters.

ThermoLean is also offered in a PM version. The PM version contains natural testosterone boosters and Chamomile to aid in falling asleep. The Extreme version of ThermoLean PM by Shocker Nutrition contains Hoodia Gordonii. Hoodia is an appetite suppressant. We are not sure why appetite suppression is important while asleep.

ThermoLean sells for $39.95. The PM version sells for $44.95. ThermoLean Extreme sells for $69.95 and the PM version for $44.95.

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  • Shocker Nutrition lists all ingredients online.
  • Products are available for sale through an online Shocker store.
  • Some ingredients are proven to increase fat burn.


  • Too many stimulants can lead to serious health risks.
  • Synephrine may not be a safe ingredient.
  • Dieters need to read the ingredient lists carefully to ensure they understand how much of each stimulant is added.


Shocker Nutrition offers carbohydrate powders, testosterone boosters and PM ThermoLean products that could work well within a diet and exercise program. The day time versions of ThermoLean and ThermoLean Extreme are packed with stimulants and diuretics. Stimulants like caffeine work in the body as diuretics, so adding more diuretics could quickly lead to dehydration.

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