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Nature’s Plus Shot O B12 is an all-natural energy supplement that can be used to support weight loss. B12 helps the body produce energy on a cellular level. There is no toxic level of B12 so the dieter can feel comfortable taking large amounts of vitamin B12 without negative side effects. The effects of B12 are limited, however. The body cannot store this vitamin, so after taking vitamin B12, the body will use what it can and expel the rest in urine. Urine will typically look bright yellow until all B vitamins are excreted. Some products like Shot O B12 are delivered in sustained format so they slowly dissolve and absorb for continued release of B12.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin B12 – 5000 mcg.

Product Features

Take a look at any energy drink or supplement and you will likely see vitamin B12, along with other B vitamins on the label. B vitamins give a dieter instant energy without the threat of negative side effects. Some dieters take B vitamins several times throughout the day for continued energy, but Shot O B12 claims to offer sustained release so the body is getting a constant flow of B12. There are no clinical tests showing just how long it takes for the B12 to dissolve and absorb. Dieters should not worry about taking too much B12 as there is no toxic level. The body does not store the vitamin. However, taking huge amounts of the vitamin will not increase energy like a stimulant.

One of the biggest pulls for vitamin B12 is the price, but Shot O B12 is priced much higher than other B vitamin supplements. Dieters can choose a B complex or other brands of B12 for less than ½ the price of Shot O B12. There is also an option for vitamin B12 injections, but these must be prescribed through a licensed physician.

Dieters recovering from gastric bypass surgery do not have the ability to absorb some vitamins. Vitamin B12 shots are prescribed in many cases. These shots are given once or twice a month. Patients typically take an oral dissolvable tablet daily for additional vitamin B12 support.

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  • There is no toxic level of vitamin B12.
  • Most supplements are inexpensive.
  • Dieters can take Shot O B12 indefinitely.


  • Shot O B12 is more expensive than other B vitamin supplements.
  • Will not give the dieter energy like a stimulant.
  • Does not address appetite suppression.
  • Will not increase metabolism.


Shot O B12 is a simple supplement for increased energy. The supplement will not boost energy like caffeine, but it will give the dieter a slight boost for a short time after taking the supplement. B12 is commonly added to weight loss supplements.

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    Question: Has anyone ever experienced severe
    itching on upper torso from taking your product. Taking 5000mg daily.