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Shou Fu Jiang Zhi capsules are sold online under various names. One of the names we found was KeepFit capsules. The product contains a list of interesting ingredients that we rarely see in weight loss supplements. Dieters are often skeptical of Chinese herbal weight loss products because packaging is written in a foreign language and none of the ingredients are identifiable aside from the product description on the official website. Shou Fu Jiang Zhi does not seem to be any different. We could not find a retailer in the United States that sold the product. All retailers selling Shou Fu Jiang Zhi are currently out of the United Kingdom. This could mean the product includes ingredients that are not approved for use in the United States. Shou Fu Jiang Zhi sells for $7.58 US.

List of Ingredients

Pollen, Pseudo-ginseng, Astragalus, Membranaceus, Radix polygoni Multiflori, Rhizoma Alismatis Herba, Artemisiae Capillaris, Fructus Crataegi, Radix Codonopsis Pilosulae, Semen and Raphani Rhizoma Rhei.

Product Features

Pollen, or bee pollen, is a natural immune booster and energy supplement. Pseudo-ginseng is also referred to as Panax Notoginseng. The ingredient is commonly used for bleeding disorders but has no reference to weight loss or fat burning effects. Astralagus is thought to improve metabolic function, but no clinical research proves this ingredient to be more effective than other proven ingredients. Membranaceus is another name for astralagus. Radix polygoni Multiflori is thought to affect the liver and kidneys. Rhizoma Alismatis Herba has diuretic effects on the body and is often included in supplements that contain astralagus. Artemisiae Capillaris is also known as wormwood. Wormwood is commonly used in cleansing supplements to remove parasites from the body. Fructus Crataegi is thought to affect the liver and spleen.

The ingredient list contains one diuretic, but the rest of the ingredients appear to come straight out of a cleansing supplement rather than a weight loss supplement. There is a good chance Shou Fu Jiang Zhi is a total body cleanse product mismarked as a fitness or weight loss supplement.

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  • Ingredients can be found online.
  • The price is far lower than other cleansing or weight loss products.


  • The ingredients are cleansing rather than weight loss based.
  • None of the ingredients will increase metabolism.
  • No appetite suppressants are included in Shou Fu Jiang Zhi.


Weight loss supplements most often include proven fat burners and an appetite suppressant. Shou Fu Jiang Zhi is not a product we would recommend for weight loss. The supplement may increase weight loss a bit due to diuretic ingredients, but that weight will return if the dieter chooses to stop taking the product. There are proven fat burners that may work far better than this supplement.

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9 User Reviews about Shou Fu Jiang Zhi

  • 1

    I HAVE BUY THESE FROM CHINESE HERB SHOP TODAY I ask for help to lose belly weigh he said these are there number 1 but you need exercise least a hour or more and you need get your heart rate to 120 he was nice and help full and did say he has people coming in for more.


  • 2

    FYI – I have just purchased these capsules from the Nam Bac Hong Chinese herbal store on Harrison Street, Chinatown, Boston. Will start them tomorrow. I like the fact all herbal ingredients and was told weight loss will be slow and steady not dramatic so full disclosure which I liked.


  • 3

    hi everyone i have bought SHOU FU JIANG ZHI WAN tablets today, i will try these from today will update you with results,


  • 4

    I just recieved this product and im excited to see if it will work for me!..fingers crossed. Has anyone else had succes in taking these capsuals?


  • 5

    I wonder if whoever wrote this article had tried this product, or they are just making a judgement based on ingredients in the product and whatever they have researched? Well whether they are cleansing or not they do a good good job. A much better job than all this other products I tried from pharmacies and wherever in the uk. I got this SHOU Fu jiang ZHI JIAN FEI wan from a reputable chinese clinic and I have never looked back they are A M A Z I N G period. All I have seen are benefits especially being an IBS sufferer with constipation issues. My skin is clear, I have energy, I’ve lost weight I feel light and I have regular bowel moments which I couldn’t before with my condition. I have no cravings for sugar or fatty foods, did I mention my hair is more healthier than before. To anyone who hasn’t tried this do so now you will not regret it. If its been banned in the US well I think they did so because they know it works and it will put them out of business and if it’s a cleanser then it sure does it’s Job very well unlike some countless products out there that are just a moneymaking scheme.



    i have bought these tablets today. i am hoping these will do the job evey one is different. after reading the comment form bea made i have more will power that this will work for me.

    thank you



    Can you tell us if these tablets worked for you since you first purchased these?



    did they help you Kelly to loss weight.



    Bea, I am so glad you like this product especially as you suffer IBS. I purchased these today and I have crohns disease so cant wait to see if they work for me :)