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Shrink Yourself is a weight loss program created by Roger Gould, MD. The program focuses on the habit of overeating that often plagues people trying to lose weight. Dr. Gould is a therapist who attempts to use mental changes and psychology to change how people view food in hopes of breaking the cycle of habitual eating. The Shrink Yourself program is available in book format, which could make it difficult for a dieter to get the full support needed to make such a substantial life change. As is the case with any diet book, the dieter must read and interpret the information and put that information into play in real list. In order to find a good support system, a blog is available online. There is also a 12 week program available through the website. The program sells for $119.85. Dieters can also pay $39.95 a month for at least three months.

List of Ingredients

Therapeutic, mental changes to adjust how dieters view food.

Product Features

Emotional eating is the cause of being overweight according to Dr. Gould. The therapist has devised an online program to help overeaters take control of their eating habits and learn how to view food as a source of nutrition versus a solution to a problem. Many dieters do claim to have troubles with emotional eating so benefit could be taken from the program.

Dr. Gould also offers information on the Shrink Yourself plan via blog and book. Dieters would have to read the information and decipher the meaning for real life application. This can be difficult with traditional dieting books, let alone a book written about the psychological methods of retraining the brain to eat better.

The 12 week online Shrink Yourself program sells for $119.85. With the program, the dieter is given a free consultation, presumably with Dr. Gould. There is no one-on-one interaction between the doctor and the dieter. Paying $119.85 for website content on how to retrain the brain may not be any more effective than reading the book which is offered for a fraction of the web program price.

The 12 week program consists of guided sessions, exercise plans and one free consultation with an expert. That expert is not necessarily going to be Dr. Gould.

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  • Emotional eating can lead to overeating.
  • Retraining how dieters think about food can help them control food intake.


  • The 12 week program is offered online.
  • The price of the program is higher than other website membership based programs.
  • The dieter may get just as much benefit from reading the Shrink Yourself book.
  • Not every dieter will eat to heal emotional problems.


The Shrink Yourself program is an overpriced website membership that may or may not change the mindset of the dieter. There is very little information on the program.

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