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What You Should Know

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SignaLEAN is an appetite suppressant manufactured and distributed by Purity Products, a company that has been creating nutritional supplements and other health products since 1993. Many of their products are all natural and their mission statement says that they want to be the leader in “Evidence based Nutraceuticals sold to the consumer at an excellent value”.

SignaLEAN claims to help you feel full more quickly which should help users to at least maintain current body weight. The official website is very clear that you must diet and exercise to lose weight and there is no “miracle” product that will make you lose weight on your own. The official website claims that the main ingredient, which is a naturally occurring chemical called P12, is a natural way to help support weight management in a healthy way. SignaLEAN holds four U.S. Patents and claims to have no side effects.

List of Ingredients

SignaLean contains: Potato Protein Extract [Proteinase Inhibitors (PI2) (tubers)] 30 mg. Other ingredients: Vegetable cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate.

Product Features

SignaLEAN uses P12 and claims to have done many studies on this ingredient, and it appears that it has helped people feel more full before meals compared to those involved in the study who took a placebo. P12 is actually a protein derived from the potato. The molecules in P12 supposedly send a signal from your stomach directly to the area of the brain that controls hunger and mimics a feeling of “fullness”. This leads to smaller meal portions and less snacking.

The official SignaLEAN website recommends this product for both men and women who are looking for something to help them with weight management. There are very few ingredients in this product at all so there are no stimulants or other ingredients that users may not be able to tolerate.

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  • Only contains one ingredient so it shouldn’t have any side effects.
  • The official SignaLEAN website lists all of the ingredients and is pretty informative at describing these ingredients.


  • SignaLEAN doesn’t contain any type of fat burner.
  • Relatively expensive at $54.95 a bottle.
  • Does not contain popular or well known ingredients that have been heavily researched.
  • The manufacturer’s return or guarantee policies are not clear.


We are intrigued by this product as it claims to reduce weight slowly over a long period of time, but we can’t be sure if that’s due to the actual product or from the normal diet and exercise which the website recommends. If you are looking for a slow acting weight management supplement and have an extra $50 laying around, you might check SignaLEAN out. Some third party distributors may have a free trial available also. We certainly can’t see SignaLEAN as a viable method for those looking to lose weight fast, however, so if you need to drop pounds quickly, you might want to keep looking.

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