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The Silver Cloud Diet claims to help the follower improve health and lose weight while increasing life span. The human diet does have an impact on these three areas, but no one diet has managed to achieve these claims without outside influence, such as exercise and supplementation. It is clear from the official website that Dr. John Salerno, the author of the Silver Cloud Diet book, supports using supplements for improved health, but he also suggest foods and recipe ingredients out of reach for some dieters.

The official website includes articles, tips, downloads and diet products. Much of the information on the website pertains to low carbohydrate dieting, so we assume the Silver Cloud Diet is based lighting on the Atkins Diet, one of the first low carbohydrate diets to become popular in the weight loss industry.

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Articles, tips, advice and diet products from Dr. John Salerno.

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Dr. John P. Salerno is a student of the Atkins Diet. According to his author bio, he designed the Silver Cloud Diet to improve upon the Atkins Diet. When Dr. Atkins passed away in 2003, many of the patients dedicated to the doctor moved to Salerno’s practice. Salnero is a licensed physician. Working with Dr. Salerno is Linda Eckhardt. Eckhardt has authored many cookbooks and write recipes and other pieces for the Silver Cloud Diet website and book.

There are very few details about the Silver Cloud Diet, but we know it is based on low carbohydrate eating, detox and organic foods. Alcohol is allowed on the plan, which is a big difference between Atkins and the Silver Cloud Diet. There is a complete recipe section for low carbohydrate cocktail recipes, though carbohydrate amounts are not listed.

In addition to low carbohydrate eating, the Silver Cloud Diet supports supplementation for improved health. Branded supplements are available from the official website, including Anti-Aging Factor, Glucose Factor and Cardio Factor. Carb Factor, which contains white kidney bean extract to prevent the breakdown of carbohydrates, is also offered. Supplements range in price from $39.95 to $59.95.

There is a lot of information on the official website, but one thing is consistent with other low carbohydrate plans. Eat fewer carbohydrates and lose weight. Recipes often include specialty ingredients like watercress and caviar.

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  • Products and supplements are sold through the official website.
  • The author of the Silver Cloud Diet is a licensed doctor.
  • Low carbohydrate eating promotes weight loss.


  • Eating low carbohydrate can be difficult.
  • Some supplements are expensive.
  • Some ingredients are expensive and not available in all areas.


The Silver Cloud Diet is clearly based on the Atkins Diet principles. Aside from allowing regular intake of alcohol, there are few differences between the two.

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