Silver Detox Foot Pads Review

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What You Should Know

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It is amazing how many new diet products and weight loss treatments emerge each year. Just when you think you know what your options are, more weight reduction products hit the shelves of health stores, supercenters, and drugstores everywhere. Needless to say, not all of these supplements and programs work as claimed. We created this review to help you learn more about Silver Detox Foot Pads, which is one product available online. There are a number of foot pad products available these days, and several of them are claimed to assist with weight loss, health, and internal detoxification.


  • Eucalyptus Sap Powder
  • Agaricus Mushroom Powder
  • Tourmaline

Product Features

Silver Detox Foot Pads are brought to you by the British company, Sliver, which is a company that offers dietary supplements. This product is marketed as an herbal treatment for drawing toxins out of your body. So basically, you place these pads on the bottoms of your feet while you sleep. This way the herbal ingredients can help relax the nerves in your feet, and pull waste and toxic materials out of your feet, and into the pads. This in turn is supposed to help you feel more refreshed, energized, and happy. Furthermore, Silver Detox Foot Pads are said to promote weight loss. You receive 10 pads in a single pack, and they cost around $30 American.

Three major ingredients are used in Silver Detox Foot Pads. These are Eucalyptus Sap Powder, Tourmaline, and Agaricus Mushroom Powder. These ingredients work together to detoxify the body, which in turn aids your body with weight reduction by allowing it to function better. You should notice the pads turning brown or black by morning.

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  • These pads may help draw toxins and impurities out of your system.
  • Silver Detox Foot Pads may help relax the nerves in your feet.


  • Shipping and handling fees for these pads is $15.
  • There are no oral supplements taken to assist with fat burning.
  • It is unclear how these pads will actually encourage weight loss.
  • There is no clinical data provided to support Silver Detox Foot Pads.
  • No proven weight loss ingredients are mentioned for these pads.


All in all, Silver Detox Foot Pads may help relax your feet and draw out some impurities or toxins. This may be beneficial to your health. However, there is no clinical data presented to support these pads as an effective weight loss solution. You should also consider that you only receive 10 pads, which is enough for five uses. That is not much for $30, in addition to $15 for shipping and handling. There is no healthy diet plan or fitness routine recommended with Silver Detox Foot Pads either. It is wise to check out some of the other weight loss products available today.

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