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If you do not like the idea of a weight loss pill, there are other options for weight reduction and fat loss. Some of which are powder supplements, liquid formulas, and even patch products. However, it is crucial to address the method each product uses to encourage weight loss. Each product contains special ingredients, which range from appetite suppressants, to fat burners, to stimulants, to plant extracts that increase thermo genesis. We are going to take a closer look at Silver Slimming Patch, which is one product available for weight loss. It is a UK-based diet product, and does not appear to be sold to people in the US.


  • Fucus Vesticulous (ocean plant)

Product Features

The Silver Slimming Patch is simply placed on the back, elbow, abdomen, shoulder, arch of foot, upper arm, back of knee, or wrist area. It is important to avoid areas with hair. This patch is claimed to suppress your appetite, which will help you consume fewer calories each day. You should snack less in between meals, eat smaller portions, and notice elevated energy levels. This patch needs to be switched out every 24 hours. It helps reduce body fat by allowing it to be burned off as energy.

There is only one ingredient mentioned for the Silver Slimming Patch. It is Fucus Vesticulous, which is an ocean plant extract that is found off of the Brittany coastline. This natural extract is supposed to help break down fat cell reserves, and support a healthy metabolism. Over time, this may encourage weight reduction and fat loss. There are no appetite suppressants used in this patch. No stimulants like Caffeine, Guarana Extract, or Green Tea are mentioned either.

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  • This patch can be placed on various parts of the body.
  • No stimulants are used in the Silver Slimming Patch.


  • There is only a two-week satisfaction guarantee.
  • The Silver Slimming Patch is claimed to suppress hunger, but contains no appetite suppressants.
  • This product is only offered to people in the UK.
  • Some dieters might prefer a pill formula.
  • No user testimonials or success stories are presented.


While it is nice to see that stimulants are not used in the Silver Slimming Patch, there is not really much supporting this weight loss product either. As you may know, there are many “weight loss” patches available nowadays. While this one contains one unique ingredient, there are no success stories backing it up. In other words, how do you know the Silver Slimming Patch is actually effective? Sadly the guarantee provided with this weight loss product is only good for two weeks, and this patch only appears to be sold in the UK.

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