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The Simple Guy Diet is based on the personal experience of one dieter. Men who have no time to workout, don’t desire to read books or use a personal trainer and want to lose a few pounds are ideal for the plan. There is a one-time charge of $10 associated with the diet. The fee includes access to the Simple Guy Diet website, which outlines the eating and exercise plan. There are no specialty foods or expensive fitness pieces to buy. All the dieter needs is a 30-day commitment to losing a few pounds.

List of Ingredients

Personal story and advice on how to lose weight – for men.

Product Features

The Simple Guy Diet was created by a man in his 50’s who managed to pack on a few extra pounds. He is a self-proclaimed normal guy with a wife, kids and a yard. There are no pictures of the Simply Guy on the front page or profile page of the website. This could be because no pictures exist and the story is just made up or that the author wants to keep the dieter from thinking about others while visiting the website. There are testimonials, but none have before and after pictures.

The blog associated with the Simple Guy Diet tells more than the rest of the website. There are pictures of food allowed on the diet. One picture shows a lettuce wrapped burger. This means the diet eliminates bread and, in turn, leads us to believe the Simple Guy Diet is just another low carbohydrate plan. Additional blog posts on sugar knowledge and the perfect steak support this theory.

If the diet is low carbohydrate-based, the dieter does not need to spend $10 for access to the diet. There are low carbohydrate resources all over the Internet with instructions ranging from basic to detailed. Anyone can read for 30 to 40 minutes and be ready to start low carbing for weight loss.

The website is clearly professionally done, but information on the diet is severely lacking. Dieters with health issues should find out about foods and exercises suggested on the plan, before spending even $10 for inside access.

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  • The Simply Guy Diet is cheap.
  • The plan is based on low carbohydrate eating, known to promote weight loss.


  • No pictures of the author.
  • Low carbohydrate diet details are free online.
  • No details about diet or exercise.


The Simple Guy Diet is nothing more than a newer version of Atkins and other low carbohydrate eating plans. The author shows pictures of low carbohydrate foods on his blog, but does not admit to the fact that this is another low carbohydrate eating plan. The $10 cost is low enough to be alluring, but we believe the dieter will learn more from other free websites.

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