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The manufacturers of Simply Weight Loss state that it is a three-step program to lose weight. They say that it is based on herbs and water, and that you just need to take eight glasses of water a day with the herbal tablets that make up part of the programme. They say that it is important whilst following the Simply Weight Loss program to not skip meals. That might seem like an obvious way to lose some weight, but the manufacturers of Slim Weight Loss say that doing this will slow down your metabolism. They do say, however, that while following the program you should cut down on starch, and increase your intake of protein. They claim that if you follow the program you will lose eighteen to twenty-two pounds in six weeks. The manufacturers advise that to begin the Simply Weight Loss program you should purchase the Six Week Simply Weight Loss Intro Kit.


The official website for the Simply Weight Loss programme does not give a comprehensive list of ingredients for the herbal tablets, it simply states that they are a proven effective “herbal blend.”

Product Features

The manufacturers say that the six week intro kit consists of a six week supply of day and night time herbal tablets, multivitamins and calcium supplements, essential fatty acids, and a carbo block and fat stabiliser. They claim that the day time herbal formula increases your
metabolism, decreases your appetite, and gives you more energy. They say that the night time formula will sooth and relax your colon. The instructions on the Simply Weight Loss official website advise you to take the amazing carbo block and fat stabilizer. When using the program the website says that you will have access by telephone to trained staff with experience in the Simply Weight Loss programme. The cost of the six week intro kit is $429.

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  • There is an official website.
  • You have telephone access to experience and trained staff, whilst you are following the program.
  • You can order the Simply Weight Loss Intro Kit on line.


  • It is very expensive for a six week supply.
  • We could not find a comprehensive list of ingredients used in the Herbal Formula.
  • There have not been any controlled standardized tests that we could find carried out on the Simply Weight Loss formula.
  • There is no free gift with purchase.


It is difficult to make an informed decision regarding this weight loss programme, as there is fundamental information lacking on the website and the manufacturers do not provide us with any concrete evidence that the programme does what it says it does. Given the information available, we would be hesitant to spend $429 on the Simply Weight Loss Intro kit until we see some reliable evidence that it actually procures superior results compared to the other weight loss programs currently on the market. If the manufacturers of Simply Weight Loss offered a free trial sample of their product or a 100% money-back, no questions guarantee then we would have a bit more confidence in the product.

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  • 1

    I spent over $800 for this product, and I did lose weight but definatelly not $800 worth. Now my body is so screwed up. I have not had a decent BM in almost 2 months and now I am having severe stomach pains. I would definatelly not suggest this to anyone.


  • 2

    I have struggled with my weight for several years now and have reached a whopping 310 pounds. I have tried several programs, I even tried the YMCA, with little weight loss that always came back. I was listening to WSLC, Brett sharp and I heard him talking about SWL and I trust his judgement so I gave it a try. I did not know that my life would be drastically changed. All I did was follow the 3 steps and I am 30 pounds lighter 6 weeks later. I have diabetes and hypothyroidism.. so weight loss is very difficult. The hardest part was remembering to eat as many times as I needed to. No hunger or cravings.. no wonder they call it Simply Weight Loss. My nurse practitioner was so proud of me and so was the staff at SWL… which I couldn’t have done it without their encouragement and tips.


    Melissa Graham

    I am doing the program now and have only lost 3 pds in 2 weeks, what did you eat, I dont know what i am doing wrong


  • 3

    Wow! I am surprised to see all of the negative reviews on here! I have done this program more than once and have had amazing results. If you follow the diet and take your herbs YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT! If you cheat then you won’t, it’s a simple as that. I have lost 22 pounds so far and dropped from a size 10 to a size 6. The staff at SWL are the best! Very motivating and always willing to help and answer questions. When you go off of the program, the only reason you will gain the weight back is if you go back to your old eating habits. Thank you SWL for my fabulous bikini ready body!


  • 4

    I don’t normally go to message forums but I was so amazed with my results that I wanted to share my experience. I am very suprised at all these negative responses because I have lost 63 lbs. in just 18 weeks with Simply Weight Loss! I feel the best I have in years! I thought the staff was wonderful at answering any and all of my questions. It is the ONLY thing out there that has truly worked for me and helped me keep my wieght off. I can finally get into my bikini this summer!


  • 5

    Keep your money. This does not work. If you have money to give away, give it to a good charity for a good cause or you can just toss it in the trash because it feels like I just tossed $400 in the trash because I did not lose anything and I followed all the recommendations and little tips. When you call they are very good ay telling you that you didnt follow thd plan.


  • 6

    BIG RIP OFF. i spent $360.00 and have lost 1 pound. when i spoke to someone they tried to sell me more of this shit and telling me I wasnt drinking enough water and to try it
    again. I did everything I was told and even wrote down what I ate and drank. I would float if I drink much more water. PLEASE DONT MAKE THESE PEOPLE RICHER. IT DOES NOT WORK AND THEY DONT CARE BECAUSE THEY HAVE YOUR MONEY.


  • 7

    Hey my name is Rita and I’m from Alabama. I heard about Simply Weight Loss on the Radio station that I listen to every morning on my way to work. I had heard the commercial several times before I decided to give it a try.
    So a few weeks went by and I called in and talk to the nicest person I could have every talk to. She helped me through this process more than she will ever know.
    The program was very easy to follow and for me easy to stay on. I wish I had of started before I did but, how easy it is to put things off. I was on the program for 10 months and I lost 75 lbs. It gives you plenty to eat and its food that you are use to eating every day.
    I have and will always tell any body that this is a GREAT program to be on!!!


  • 8
    I was the dummy

    I wish I would have been a smarter consumer and read this first. I was sucked in and I was told I needed 2 packages, which was $803! – they forgot to meantion the tax and shipping. I have followed the program for 2.5 weeks and have lost 1 pound. When I call the person i charge I getr a bunch of acusations of what I have been eating that I should not. They have me up to 22 worthless pills a day. Beware this is a BIG RIPOFF!!!



    Yes it is a rip off. this cost me $360.00. money that i needed but if it had wotked would have been ok but it didnt and now i am so angry with myself for falling for this bs.


  • 9

    I also lost alot of weight
    on this plan when it first came out and then tried it again 3 years later and no luck. The first plan had ephedra in it. the second only caffeine


  • 10

    I had success with this program when it was much cheaper, and new in 2002. I dropped 30 lbs in 6 weeks, and kept it off for 1 year.However, I tried it again the following year with no results.


  • 11

    I have spent $500 dollars on the simply weight loss product and have done everything that they say to do. Result: RIP OFF!!!
    Have not seen any results that they claim. Pissed!!!!


  • 12




    AGREE, why they don’t give our money back is beyond me, if it helps people great, but if it doesn’t, don’t rip people off.


  • 13

    the water & cutting back on food is the only weight loss solution.the pills are sugar pills


  • 14
    Robin McGovern

    Do you guarranty your product? When I called asking questions, I was told I needed 2 packages, which was $803! I started program, also started 5K race on tredmill at the same time. First package was gone in 2 weeks, and had to call to get second order. But I’m complaining as I have been on program, do the 5K and have only lost 6 lbs. Somethings not right, and if product is good should have some type of money back guarranty.


  • 15

    I tried the simply weight loss plan w/the herbs.. I did loose quite a bit of weight, but when you stop taking the herbs, even though you have changed the way that you eat, you still gain the weight back..just as I did.


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