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The Sit Down and Shape Up DVD series is designed for the absolute beginner. The workouts start with the dieter sitting in a chair during the workouts. Over time, the follower gradually grows stronger and more able to stand during the workout and thus the instructor progresses from the chair to a standing position. This workout set is not designed for people who can walk easily or perform other types of workouts while standing. Ideally, the workout is designed for the extremely overweight or obese, or people with very weak muscles. Kim Lyons is the instructor for the Sit Down and Shape Up workouts.

List of Ingredients

Workout DVDs that move from sitting to standing.

Product Features

Some dieters have so much weight to lose that basic exercise is difficult. The Sit Down and Shape Up series is designed for those dieters. The first workout lasts just 23 minutes. Five minutes are spent warming up followed by five minutes of toning exercises. Aerobics last 10 minutes followed by a three minute cool down. Kim Lyons is a personal trainer known for her spot on the Biggest Loser. These workouts were likely designed for people in the same situation as contestants on the show.

There are six workouts on the DVD in all. The first four are for beginners with the final two for the intermediate follower. The definition of intermediate for the Sit Down and Shape Up workout may be different than other workout DVDs. For instance, the intermediate follower of the TaeBo workouts may find the intermediate Sit Down and Shape Up workouts too simple.

The cost of the series is $39.99. Dieters need to purchase dumbbells to complete the workouts, but no other equipment. Body areas covered during the workouts include upper and lower body and cardio.

Progression through the series depends on the fitness level of the follower. Some dieters follow the first DVD for a few weeks before moving on to the second workout. Others spend a few days on workout one before moving to the other beginner workouts.

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  • Perfect for overweight and obese dieters who have trouble standing for long periods.
  • Designed with Biggest Loser contestants in mind.
  • A professional personal trainer is the instructor.


  • Too basic for anyone with a fitness background.
  • Most of the workouts are completed from a seated position.
  • Intermediate levels may be basic levels for some dieters.


The Sit Down and Shape Up series of workouts are designed for dieters who need to start very slowly. Exercise increases heart rate and when there is a lot of extra weight on the body, heart rate can increase to dangerous levels very quickly. Extra weight also increases the risk of injury during a workout.

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