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The Six Week Body Makeover was a huge best seller for Michael Thurmond. In response to his huge following, Thurmond created the Six Day Body Makeover. According to the diet description, the follower can lose up to one pant size in just six days. Six days is not enough to create lasting weight loss. During the first week of most diets, the body sheds water weight, so weight loss is nothing more than water, not fat. Following the Six Day Body Makeover and leading that diet into the Six Week Body Makeover may facilitate lasting weight loss, but simply following a diet for six days will not give the dieter enough time to learn new eating and exercise habits for prolonged results.

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Six day diet for weight loss by Michael Thurmond.

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The book description for the Six Day Body Makeover claims fast weight loss and lasting results. There is a maintenance plan included in the book, but six days is nowhere near enough time to learn new eating habits. It takes weeks of eating right with reduced sized portions to shrink the stomach and relieve hunger. We assume the maintenance plan is similar to the Six Week Body Makeover plan, which is a more realistic time frame for weight loss.

The basics of the Six Day Body Makeover include eating no sugar and reduced amounts of salt. The dieter must drink lots of water and eliminate unneeded calories from sugary beverages. Whole foods and promoted and processed foods should be kept to the very minimum (eliminated if possible.) These are all sound bits of advice, but they are not new ideas for weight loss.

There are many reviews of the Six Day Body Makeover and most agree that the diet is a replay of other diet principles with the Michael Thurmond name plastered on the front of the book. Tips are based on common dieting sense and exercise is promoted, as is the case with any proven diet plan.

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  • Promotes healthy, whole foods in place of processed foods.
  • Eliminates sugary beverages.
  • Promotes low sodium and lower carbohydrate eating.
  • Costs less than some diet books.


  • Six days is not long enough to learn new eating habits.
  • Followers claim there is a lot of poultry on the menu.
  • May grow boring after a few days.


Losing weight is not rocket science. Dieters must eat healthy foods in the right portions to lose weight. An exercise plan increase calorie burn and speeds up weight loss. On average, the dieter should lose between one and two pounds per week for lasting results.

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