Six Pack Now Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

Six Pack Now is a diet and exercise program that promises a full body makeover, with an emphasis on the abdominals. In just six weeks this program promises to improve both health and physical fitness. This is a personalized plan that takes into consideration each dieter’s health needs, metabolism, and physical fitness levels. Since abdominal fat is the most dangerous fat to a person’s health, this program strives to help people improve their overall health and ultimately increase the long-term benefits of losing weight and gaining muscle.

List of Ingredients

Six Pack Now doesn’t sell diet products. Instead it offers a customized diet and exercise plan. The menu includes real foods easily found at the store.

Product Features

Six Pack Now was founded in 2001 by Neil Frost, a certified trainer and author. He teamed up with Hollywood trainers to create a completely online program that offers the same training and information offered to Hollywood celebrities. This program works by offering a custom tailored exercise program and diet menu. The trainers and experts working with Six Pack Now consider each person’s individual needs before assigning a program to follow.

Besides the custom diet and exercise plan, the program also offers online assistance from trainers and fellow Six Pack Now users. Once you’re a member of this program, and membership currently runs at $47, you gain access to blogs, user forums, and photographs from people using the program. You can track progress, create a blog, upload photos, and ask questions of the trainers and fellow users.

Membership also grants the user access to the company’s ‘Lean Muscle Plan.’ This plan works in conjunction with the Six Pack Now plan to help trainees create lean all over muscle. Not designed for those who want to seriously bulk up, this plan helps those who have lost body fat and want to reduce the amount of jiggle left over from the weight loss. Users can also view the company’s abs workout DVD and book online.

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  • The 30 day refundable membership fee is good for one year and is not a recurring bill. The company also offers a discounted joint membership for couples who want to workout together.
  • There are no supplements or diet foods to buy. The program uses all real foods and a simple exercise program, easily attainable by everyone.
  • Everything for the program is available online without the need to attend meetings or weekly weigh-ins.


  • The website doesn’t offer any sort of sample menus or exercise plans for prospective users to browse. You must pay before being granted access to any form of the program.
  • The workout video and book are only available online, which means you can’t use them without Internet access.
  • The website mentions getting results in six weeks, but many of the sample testimonials mention doing it in twelve weeks.


While the price of this program is affordable for most people, not everyone wants to focus on their abs. Without a sneak peek of the diet’s menu plan and exercise goal, it’s hard for someone to determine if they would like the program. Other online only programs offer sample menus and give users a sneak peek of the program. The testimonials shown on the website are hand picked by the creator of the program, so prospective users can’t get an accurate picture of the program’s success until they become a member. With more online only programs popping up, it’s wise to choose one that lets you explore the program before paying a membership fee.

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