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Six Star Muscle

What You Should Know

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Six Star Muscle is a company that aims to help bodybuilders build bigger muscles and show off on the competition circuit. The company has created a line of supplement products that work together to build muscle and increase strength. The variety of products available works to increase strength, increase energy, build muscle, and increase mass. The line of supplements includes: whey protein, Muscle Building Milkshake, Creatine powder or pill, Drenalin Hardcore, Nitric Oxide Overdrive, Mass Gainer, and N.O. Fury.


Six Star Muscle doesn’t appear to have any ingredients information about their products on their website.

Product Features

Six Star whey protein powder is developed to increase the amino acid levels in the blood stream. This causes the muscles to enlarge quickly and build up mass rapidly. The powder can be added to milk up to three times a day for quick results. The milkshakes contain whey protein powder and are similar to protein shakes. The creatine uses five different forms of creatine and takes advantage of rapid dispersion technology to quickly spread through the body. The creatine helps build muscle and strength by increasing insulin levels. The company recommends taking two servings the first five days and one serving for the next couple of weeks.

Mass Gainer is a powder that contains 1,000 calories and 45 grams of protein per serving. This ultimate weight gainer helps bodybuilders with its anabolic blend that forces the body to add mass and muscle. Six Star recommends scooping four helpings into milk or water and blending for 20 seconds once a day. For quicker results, users can increase the servings to two a day. The Nitric Oxide products increase the amount of nitric oxide allowed to enter the blood stream. This causes the blood pumps to be larger and quicker.

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  • All of Six Star supplements are designed to work together with each other for optimal results.
  • The products are available for sale online, with some sold at discounted rates.
  • Six Star allows users to get information about bodybuilding competitions and training.


  • The company lists no nutritional information about any of their products on the website.
  • The FDA hasn’t tested or approved any of Six Star’s supplements.
  • The company does not offer the products for sale from their site or in bulk shipments.


Anyone looking to use one brand of supplements for their bodybuilding needs should be happy with Six Star Muscle products. However, the company’s lack of information may leave users confused about exactly what they’re ingesting and whether or not it will actually help them build muscle and strength. It’s best to purchase muscle supplements from a company who isn’t afraid to post ingredients and reviews on their own website.

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7 User Reviews about Six Star Muscle

  • 1
    timothy beaver

    i am 60yr old in fair shape taking six star pro nutrition N.O. FURY Elite series will this help strenghen muscles amusing light weight’s. please get back to me.



  • 2

    I bought some mass gainer and n.o. Fury if I take both will they cancel the affects of each other


  • 3
    bob slade

    used no overdrive caplets loved product can not find product anywhere got great results please advise bob slade


  • 4

    i have been using six star whey protein for a year now and this stuff does work. i have put on 25 pounds of muscle in the last 12 months. i strongly suggest this product to anybody wanting to put muscle on.


  • 5
    michael crossley

    This stuff really works!Great taste and it delivers what it says it does!


  • 6
    Fred J. Wirth

    I purchased a 2 Lb ccontainer of Proffesional Strength Muscle Building Milk Shake. Is the capacity of the provided scoop one or two scoops?

    Thank you,




    4 giant scoops. Waste of money.