Six Week Bikini Countdown Review

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The Six Week Bikini Countdown is a workout and diet designed for women who want to get in shape before strutting out on the beaches for the summer. In six weeks, the plan will slim the body in all the right places so women can feel confident in even the smallest bikini, according to the product description. Pilates and cardio interval training are used on the plan, which could mean the intensity level is higher than most beginners would be comfortable completing. Learning a diet from a paperback book is common, but fitness instruction is more difficult when tackled in words. There may be pictures included in the text to demonstrate exercises, but pictures are still more difficult than video instruction.

List of Ingredients

Paperback book on how to lose weight and tone muscles in just six weeks.

Product Features

What would it take to transform a body from overweight to bikini-ready in just six weeks? According to the author of the Six Week Bikini Countdown, a lot of hard work and dedication. The book is made up of weekly exercise routines. Illustrations show the dieter how to perform each movement. The instructions are clear, but the dieter will need to read through the workout a few times to familiarize themselves with the transitions. The workouts are based heavily on Pilates and interval cardio training.

There are eating tips included by author Karon Karter, but some buyers are concerned about the suggested meals. One dieter complains that the only thing offered for dinner is yogurt. When working out heavily, dieters require more than a container of yogurt to keep energy levels high.

Karon Karter is also the author or two other workout books – Pilates Life and The Core Strength. She regularly appears on The Natural Wellness Channel in Dallas, Texas.

The Six Week Cardio Countdown sells for $13.57 on This price is comparable to other workout and diet books.

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  • The Six Week Bikini Countdown offers diet and exercise tips.
  • Weekly exercise schedules are printed with illustrations.
  • May help reshape the body with exercise.
  • Priced comparably to other workout books.


  • Workouts in text form are not as easy to follow as videos.
  • Some dieting tips leave the dieter with very little to eat.


The Six Week Bikini Countdown is a workout / diet book by fitness guru Karon Karter. The diet is flimsy at best, but the exercise routines change weekly so the reader is never bored. Dieters remark about the subtle changes that occur in the body week after week, a good indication that the plan works. We suggest the dieter try a different eating plan, however, and follow the exercise routine longer to increase weight loss and muscle tone.

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