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Six Weeks to OMG is a diet plan from author, personal trainer and nutrition expert Venice A. Fulton. The book follows the premise of making the right improvements in your diet instead of a quick fix solution. The diet consists of ground-breaking techniques used to improve weight loss. The author claims dieters will lose up to 20 pounds within six weeks. We found the diet plan available on the website as well as for under $20. Yes the diet plan is affordable, but the real question is the effectiveness of Six Weeks to OMG.

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  • Diet plan claiming to produce up to 20 pound weight loss in six weeks authored by visionary Venice A. Fulton.

Product Features

Six Weeks to OMG is diet plan written by personal trainer and nutrition “expert” Venice A. Fulton. The plan consists of extreme techniques designed to improve weight loss and potentially improve overall health and wellbeing. Three main points are discussed throughout the diet plan, drink a minimum of two cups of black coffee in the morning, take a cold water bath and skip breakfast.

The three principles and noted as being effective metabolism starters. What Fulton does not disclose is how he came about these factors. There is no scientific research or clinical trials associated with the techniques. The majority of proven weight-loss plans discuss eating in the morning to jumpstart metabolism. T appears as if Six Weeks to OMG wants to shock the system to increase your heart rate and subsequently increase weight loss.

One good thing we found about Six Weeks to OMG was the price. The diet plan costs less than $20 on the official website and third-party site

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  • The diet plan is affordable.


  • The claims are not backed by scientific research.
  • The techniques discussed in the diet plan are potentially harmful.
  • The claims in Six Weeks to OMG go against proven weight loss techniques.
  • Six Weeks to OMG does not discuss exercise or supplementation.
  • The diet plan is oversimplified.
  • Several of the diet considerations are repeated throughout the plan.


Where do we begin? We like the proven techniques discussed in Six Weeks to OMG, such as eating off of a smaller plate, eating protein to curb hunger and eliminating snacking. We found the cold water baths, skipping breakfast and the multiple cups of coffee to be a bit alarming. We feel as if this plan is sending the wrong message to the average dieter. Reading this diet plan could potentially be more harmful than good as it relates to overall weight loss and weight loss management.

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